Aesma and the Three Masters, Part II
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Chapter 4
Release November 13, 2014[1]
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Aesma and the Three Masters, Part II is the second non-paginated offering of chapter four of Kill Six Billion Demons and the seventy-second offering altogether. It contains the second installation of "Aesma and the Three Masters".[1]


Having defeated the Master of space-time, Aesma sets upon the road toward the second Master's estate. Upon meeting her, she and Aesma spend many days admiring the Master's works, but when the Master asks Aesma to become her student, she refuses and raises a difficult question about the Universal Art. Initially the Master of aesthetic seems confident that there is none. But once she sees Aesma's ruthlessness, the Master concludes the Universal Art is violence and Aesma departs victorious once more.

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It was said that Aesma never learned a lesson, which was true until she lost her sight from viewing the universe. Then she had learned one.[1]



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