Debut "Prim Leaves Her Father's House"[1]
Affiliation House Akaroth
Classification Deity
Gender Male
Status Inactive

Akaroth was a god and a friend of Hansa before his death.[1]

History Edit

Prim Leaves Her Father's House Edit

Main article: "Prim Leaves Her Father's House"

One day, during a fortnight-long feast, Hansa befouled the house of Akaroth and allowed his smoke to rise into the cosmic winds. Unable to let this offense pass, Akaroth slew him in a drunken rage. He was deeply saddened at the loss of a great man, but his archons moved without notice and obliterated the house of iron nails.

For this his lords were severely punished, tied to a great flensing tree whose limbs spanned the entirety of the multiverse and flayed with lightning.[1]

Later Years Edit

When the Wheel would be forged and the inheritors created, Akaroth would eventually be annihilated with the rest of the deities.

Equipment Edit

Feather Cloak Edit

At some unknown point in time, Aesma took up Akaroth's feather cloak to prove she was the most powerful of YISUN's servants.[2] The cloak, which contained thousands upon thousands of feathers,[3] was said to grant one the power to ride winds both interstellar and terrestrial.[3]

Later, Aesma would breathe fire into its feathers, creating thousands of copies of herself with which she could perform tasks at unimaginable speed. The cloak would ultimately be destroyed from overuse.[3]

References Edit

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