Amoto Soreen
Amoto Soreen
Debut KSBD 3:53-54
Affiliation Pursuers
Gender Male
Status Unknown[1]

Amoto Soreen is one of the Pursuers.[2]


Amoto Soreen is present at Hell 71 when Eris-Lo Kai lays claim to the key. When 23 arrives with Allison in tow, he is seen bashing the skull of an unknown individual. By the end of the battle he is defeated, held at sword-point by an-upset looking warrior.[1]


Amoto Soreen's appearance is rather simple. He bears a closely shaved head with no facial hair while his outfit consists of a golden sleeveless cīvara and a beaded prayer necklace. His weapon of choice includes two massive burnt-orange gauntlets which he uses to pummel his opponents.


As one of the Pursuers, Amoto is likely quite powerful, being able to crush the heads of his enemies with powerful blows. However, is still defeated by the end of the guild war.[1]

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