Aeons,[1] more commonly known as angels, are one of the major races. They belong to the protectors, one of the four orders of inheritors.[1]

They are peacekeepers and the original guardians of Throne, born to keep the peace.


Angels were created by the gods eons before the story began and were made with the intention of protecting the world.[2] For ages they served as the attendants of the gods but eventually, Throne became corrupted and the gods began to die, leaving the angels behind. For many years the prime angels remained undisturbed, swelling to enormous proportions.[3]

When Zoss breached the firmament, he slew the prime angels, becoming the de facto king of Throne.[3] With the rest of the demiurges he restored order to Throne by creating bodies for the angels.[4] Some time later, the Concordant Knights were established in order to keep peace throughout the world. But as Throne grew corrupted once again, the Universal War broke out, destroying the Concordance in an event known as the Shattering.[5]

Many angels were presumably killed in the war, leaving the young ones without direction.[5] Some of them joined forces, siding with the Holy Thorn Knights[5] or the peacekeepers of the Concordant Harmonies.[6] Others would choose to become independent, offering their services in support of criminal activity.[7]


All angels are the children of UN and have white-colored souls.[1] Their bodies are made of energy, or controlled nuclear explosions housed in an armored shell. [5] Their bodies can take on a myriad of forms with both human and inhuman angels being seen. All angels are genderless, but many are masculine in their mannerisms.[8]

It would appear that an angels form is malleable, able to take many forms. 2 Michael said to 82 that they “cling obsessively to this world. To putrid form. To insipid gender!” Later, as a response to their incredibly human appearence, 82 ripped their face off.

Angels progress through "states" of Plasma, Vapor, Liquid, Solid (Metamorphic, Igneous), Crystal, and Neutron (in order of youngest to oldest) as they age.[9] "Ashen" has also been mentioned, possibly as an affliction of the primes.[3]

The original prime angels were very different from the current variants, being taller than buildings. The husks of these beings are highly sought after, as they can be reanimated with bound devils to be used as war machines or as public transport throughout Throne.[10]

Behavior and characteristicsEdit

Angels were made from the Cold White Flame which was described as ‘rigid’ and that it ‘burned with a fierce and terrible cold’. This flame was very harsh and granted all angels a strong sense of self, grasp on reality, and remarkable willpower.

All angels were imprinted with Old Law, giving them inherent knowledge of all laws and an incredibly strong sense of truth, honor, and justice.

Angels have a strong respect for authority and seniority, as seen with White Chain’s respect for Michael and referring to him as ‘master’. 6 Juggernaut Star also shows respect for their master, Metatron.

Due to their immortality, fierce will, and a compulsive need to subdue chaos, all angels are undisputed masters of powerful, ancient martial arts.


“The only thing that beats an angel is another angel” - Cio

“It is well known that Angels, having tens of thousands of years of contemplation to perfect the martial arts, are unparalleled masters of them. If you are to seek an angel master, be respectful to them. Defer to them on all matters, worldly and otherwise, for they are dogmatic and proud beings. Attend to their requests, clean their monasteries, and humble yourself in your actions and words. Above all, do not spar with them, unless you want your arms torn from your sockets.” - Zao Xu, Horse Style Master, “49 Empty Palms”

“What’s made of stone, filled with smoke, and bleeds fire? The best answer to that question is not to find out.” - Uyyid, Goblin Slum Lord

“I wasted 5 hours of hard fighting and a hundred and fifty of my best men bringing it down. Then it exploded.” - General Yross of the Yellow Moon Brood, on fighting angels

Known AngelsEdit

The number preceding an Angel's name indicates the number of times reincarnated.[14] 2 Michael, a prime angel, has only died once.[15][16] It is unknown if this also indicates rank and power, or only implies it (with greater angels dying less). Angelic Hierarchy is generally decided by the length of previous incarnation (no matter how many proceed it) as it is usually taken to indicate wisdom or prowess.[17]


  • Most people in Throne believe that angels cannot lie without cracking their shells. This was shown to be true when White Chain claimed to be visiting Praman Nand to offer Allison as a slave, and a crack opened in their helm. [18][19]
  • Sedimentary angels were going to be a stage of angel development,[20] but ABBADON tried it out mentally and he just got the image of the laziest angel in the universe.[21]