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Angels in ash armor bodies.

Aeons,[1] more commonly known as Angels, are one of the major races. They belong to the protectors, one of the four orders of inheritors.[1]

They are peacekeepers and the original guardians of Throne, born to keep the peace.


Angels were created by the gods eons before the story began and were made with the intention of protecting the world.[2] For ages they served as the attendants of the gods but eventually the gods decided to pour their energy into creating universes and left the angels behind. For many years the prime angels remained undisturbed guarding the Red City of Throne and the stone corpses of the gods. Over the eons of their guardianship, the prime angels grew to enormous proportions.[3] KSBD 2-31

When Zoss breached the firmament, he slew the prime angels, becoming the de facto king of Throne.[3] With the rest of the demiurges he restored order to Throne by creating bodies for the angels.[4] Some time later, the Concordant Knights were established in order to keep peace throughout the world. But when the Demiurges turned against each other in their competition for power, the Universal War broke out. The war destroyed the Concordance in an event known as the Shattering.[5]

Many angels were presumably killed in the war, leaving the young ones without direction.[5] Some of them joined forces, siding with the Holy Thorn Knights[5] or the peacekeepers of the Concordant Harmonies.[6] Others would choose to become independent, offering their services in support of criminal activity.[7]


All angels are the children of UN and have white-colored souls.[1] Their bodies are made of energy, or controlled nuclear explosions housed in an armored shell. [5] While in the Void, angels can take a myriad of forms (though common elements include several eyes, wings, halos, rings and flames). Though sexless, many have masculine mannerisms[8]

It would appear that an angels form is malleable, with their form based on both values and personal preference. 2 Michael chastises 82 for taking on human traits, both in personality and apperance. As the other angels commented on her human-like apperance, White was able to remove her face, exposing a hollow head, with little damage or discomfort.

Angels progress through "states" of Plasma, Vapor, Liquid, Solid (Metamorphic, Igneous), Crystal, and Neutron (in order of youngest to oldest) as they age.[9] "Ashen" has also been mentioned, possibly as an affliction of the primes.[3]

Every angel's name (barring the Primes) is a fragment of the Old Law, that according to legend, was beaten into their souls by Koss. Upon translation these names form a declarative sentence, with shorter names being more respected due to a percieved closeness with the Primes.

In order to influence the events outside of the Void. Angels require armors forged from the ash of the Void. These armors tend towards humanoid configurations but mentions of canine like armors have been made by the author. When entering or leaving their armor (such as being banished with a Puresilver needle) they manifest as flame pouring into the several "ports" found throughout the suit. When inhabited, these portholes tend to glow blue (or red, as is the case for Juggernaut Star and other Thorn knights) and can flare as a response to exertion or emotion. If this armor is ruptured violently it triggers a massive explosion, a process Juggernaut describes as "extremely painful" and are banished to the void. If an Angel's true form is killed, the corpse will crystalize into a near indestructible shell that will remain inactive for a undetermined period of time, after which, they will be reborn with knowledge of their skills and name intact, but little memory of their past incarnation.

The original prime angels were very different from the current variants, being taller than buildings. The husks of these beings are highly sought after, as they can be reanimated with bound devils to be used as war machines or as public transport throughout Throne.[10]

Behavior and characteristics[]

Angels were made from the Cold White Flame which was described as ‘rigid’ and that it ‘burned with a fierce and terrible cold’. This flame was very harsh and granted all angels a strong sense of self, grasp on reality, and remarkable willpower.

All angels were imprinted with Old Law, giving them inherent knowledge of all laws and an incredibly strong sense of truth, honor, and justice.

Angels have a strong respect for authority and seniority, as seen with White Chain’s respect for Michael and referring to him as ‘master’. 6 Juggernaut Star also shows respect for their master, Metatron.

Due to their immortality, fierce will, and a compulsive need to subdue chaos, all angels are undisputed masters of powerful, ancient martial arts. This can include reputable arts like the 49 Empty Palms and Fierce Horse Soul, but in the case of Juggernaut Star or Judicious Rain, some Angels are not above learning more infamous or brutal styles such as Leisure Kicks and Pattram Sword Hand.

"The inert bodies of angels often reside in the warding towers where they hold criminals. Sometimes on long sojourns in the Void, these bodies are left for years, guarded by human servants, other angels, and orders of Peregrine Knights. It is not uncommon for an angel to leave its body for hundreds of years, during which time and entire shrine, town or temple complex might spring up around its immobile body much to the angel's surprise upon its return." - Concordance Commentary - floating text from King of Swords 3-33

"Angels, despite their size and their armored shell being extremely heavy, can move incredibly quietly when they need to. This incredible agility was purportedly granted to them by the god Koss in order to better apprehend evildoers, but angels most often use it to try and not disturb people when walking up and down stairs and on wooden floors." - Abbadon, King of Swords 10-148

The old language of the Aeons is known as 'Astral'. King of Swords 9-112

Martial Arts[]

The Aeons have learned many various martial arts over the kalpas of their existence.

One martial art is unique to the Aeons, 'Krayu Mat' which translated from Astral means 'Resplendent Soul Fist'. "...its origins are in the primal killing movements of angels in their ancient forms, whose foes at the time were enormous unbound devils, beings of myth, and lesser gods." King of Swords 9-112

See: Manual of Hands and Feet.


“The only thing that beats an angel is another angel” - Cio

“It is well known that Angels, having tens of thousands of years of contemplation to perfect the martial arts, are unparalleled masters of them. If you are to seek an angel master, be respectful to them. Defer to them on all matters, worldly and otherwise, for they are dogmatic and proud beings. Attend to their requests, clean their monasteries, and humble yourself in your actions and words. Above all, do not spar with them, unless you want your arms torn from your sockets.” - Zao Xu, Horse Style Master, “49 Empty Palms”

“The names of the host are marked in the Book of Un. The copy is held at the ruins of Koss’ Workshop, where the angels hold concordance, and there are five of their number marked hierophants who serve as scribes and record keepers. Each name is a fragment-glyph of a verse of the Old Law. It’s meaning is highly complex, and when translated into U.M. the nearest approximation is a sentence (usually declarative) or poetic, such as “Warding Flame Guides the Judicious” or “Sound of a Bell, Once, Warning the Iniquitous of Punishment”.

According to apocrypha and the angels themselves, their names were hammered into them with the sacred chisel YSMIR when the forge god Koss made them out of the smokeless fire of UN. As immortal beings, they often put their reincarnation number before their name, thus the angel “Searing Blade” who has reincarnated twice (and thus on their third incarnation) would introduce themselves as ‘3 Searing Blade’. Angels hold their names in high regard and seem to know their true meanings, letting them serve as moral guides.” Payapop Pritram “Treatise on the Host, Chapter II”

“What’s made of stone, filled with smoke, and bleeds fire? The best answer to that question is not to find out.” - Uyyid, Goblin Slum Lord Seeker of Thrones 7-80

“I wasted 5 hours of hard fighting and a hundred and fifty of my best men bringing it down. Then it exploded.” - General Yross of the Yellow Moon Brood, on fighting angels Wielder of Names 6-107

“Any man who trusts an angel had better get used to sticking his hand in fires.” -Splitpin, devil binder Wielder of Names 3-55

“I heard a man’s heart is worn on his sleeve. Well, it ain’t exactly correct by my reckoning, but close enough. Men is easy to read. Their heart shows all up in their eyes and face. It comes out in their breath, their voice, and the slant of their walk. Men is living things, beautiful and simple.

Where does an angel keep his heart then, I wonder? Troubling thoughts, my lads. Troubling thoughts, indeed.”

– Volk, Stoker’s Guild scion Wielder of Names 3-59

“Be wary of the stone men. Though we have shaped their shells in exchange for their service, their hearts are of cold fire and law, and their bodies are hammers for shattering the weak.”

– Pericloss, Master Craftsman of the Circle Wielder of Names 1-3

A common saying in Throne is, 'Waking the Angel' - meaning tempting ruin, destruction, or desolation. Wielder of Names 2-19

“Know this, thou sinners all: we are the eternal servants of God called YISUN, who were forged by him, and from his fiery breath were we given life. Our flesh is smokeless fire, and our eyes are set upon the rim of a wheel which encircles the world. Swords will turn against our skin. We need not steeds, for we do not tire. We need not chariots, for our limbs can smash a cart into splinters with the greatest of ease. We have one ship, which we call Wind of Besh. It was made for us by God, called YISUN, and it has ten thousand portholes through which we may rain death upon you. Our bows are strung with dragon sinew, and our arrows can not miss their targets.

If thou harbour’st the slightest stain of evil within thy heart, we will know; thy breast shall be torn open, thy skull shall be ripped from thy spine, and we will feed thy fetid corpse to the crocodile god. This is my decree.”

– 25 Vengeful Iron Suffers No Heretics or Fools to Live Seeker of Thrones 10-134

"Never underestimate the cunning of angels. Don't get me wrong, they don't have more than an ounce of subtlety in their whole bleedin' body. But what they do have will knock you on your feet mate." - Mars Pellatrix, Belligerent Knight King of Swords 9-119

"There's a reason I don't fight angels, mate. To them, you're just a heap of disorganized meat waiting for a barbecue." - Mars Pellatrix, Belligerent Knight King of Swords 9-120


“Once, there was an angel with a flaming spear that guarded the western gate of YISUN’s speaking house. He was rigorous, martial, and followed the exact letter of the Old Law that had been inlaid into his very being with Koss’ silver chisel. At the time, most angels were like him, and they were exceptionally inflexible beings. They could not rebel, so well they had been hewn, against the slightest violation of their code. This made them all extremely cruel.

One day, Prim passed by on the road, and happened upon this angel flogging a group of men of the oldest nation with a lash made of lightning. The men had refused to take their shoes off inside of YISUN’s speaking house – they had journeyed far and did not know the law of the gods. For this minor offense they were being punished rather severely, and their cries were loud and fierce.

Cleverly, Prim took her jeweled comb from her pocket, which she no longer used, since she had long ago hewn off most of her beautiful hair, and bade the angel guard it with his life. Being a lesser being with no practical free will to speak of, the angel could do naught but comply.

Turning back to his prisoners, the angel made to flog them again, but found that the comb was so delicate that every violent motion he made sent it tumbling and ringing and threatened to shatter it. He could no longer continue his violent, oppressive work without fear of harming his duty to the daughter of Hansa, to protect this small and delicate thing.

He gave up flogging the men, and for the first time ever, began to think.”

-Spasms King of Swords 9-121

Known Angels[]

The number preceding an Angel's name indicates the number of times reincarnated.[14] 2 Michael, a prime angel, has only died once.[15][16] It is unknown if this also indicates rank and power, or only implies it (with greater angels dying less). Angelic Hierarchy is generally decided by the length of previous incarnation (no matter how many proceed it) as it is usually taken to indicate wisdom or prowess.[17]


  • Most people in Throne believe that angels cannot lie without cracking their shells. This was shown to be true when White Chain claimed to be visiting Praman Nand to offer Allison as a slave, and a crack opened in their helm. [18][19]
  • Sedimentary angels were going to be a stage of angel development,[20] but ABBADON tried it out mentally and he just got the image of the laziest angel in the universe.[21]