Not much is known about the Banking System of Throne, but there are several operating banks, which are counting as part of the Guilds System established there.

Great Dragon Bank Edit

Possibly the largest one is the Bank of the Great Dragon, which was founded by Mammon himself, and is named after one of his titles. It is also called Great Dragon Bank. It was alluded to several times, for example as providing wealth for Mottom's Palace of Radiance[1]. This bank has a railway line established on the outer city wall of Ashton, which operates with mercenary guilds that double as conductors and security (read: extortion and murder)[2]. How the Great Dragon Bank itself is managed is yet unclear, although it probably involves the Priests of the Count and may be managed from Yre and/or Ynamon.

Mammon himself has most likely delegated all banking business to his subordinates, as he is occupied with the Count.

Third Infinitive Recursive Bank Edit

Another bank on Throne is the Third Infitive Recursive Bank, where Lo-Jenje is a apparently a powerful figure.[3]

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