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Battle of Hell 71

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The Battle of Hell 71 is an armed conflict that began roughly three days after a Key of Kings arrived in Throne. Though brief, the scope of the conflict escalated quickly; severe casualties occurred within Hell 71 and several prime angels saw use outside the building's perimeter. Among the belligerents, at least nineteen guilds, orders, and independent parties were involved. The battle was never properly resolved and ended through the intervention of Praman Nand.[1]



Roughly three days prior to the conflict, Allison arrived in Throne equipped with a Key of Kings. Then, on the day of the battle, Allison garnered the attention of at least two individuals: the guild master Omun Vash and the blue devil Number 1. Allison was eventually captured by Vash and his assistant 23, but Number 1 had already begun leaking details on the Key's whereabouts.

By the time Vash and 23 attempted to escape, reports about the Key had appeared on the Glyphosphere and the two were halted by a number of interested parties.[2] Both 23 and Vash managed to escape, but 23 was unable to deliver Allison to the proper destination.

The battle


Praman Nand ends the Battle of Hell 71.

The conflict began when an unknown individual murdered a bystander.[3] Casualties rose quickly, but Allison managed to avoid any injuries. The tide of the battle shifted upon the arrival of Cio, who used the Art to separate her party from the fighting. She and Allison then made their way toward the exit, whereupon Allison left the premises.

The battle concluded when Praman Nand, the lord of Hell 71, entered the fray. Though Allison was no longer present, the fighting continued to unfold until Nand declared a ceasefire and unleashed a stream of fire into the crowd.[1]



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