Celestial Empire
Government Totalitarian dictatorship
Ruler(s) Solomon David (God-Emperor)
Place Rayuba (capital)

The Celestial Empire is a totalitarian dictatorship encompassing the entirety of Solomon David's conquered worlds on the Wheel.

"Solomon David is God-Emperor of the powerful Celestial Empire. He is regarded as just, even-handed, and incredibly brutal by most of his subjects. His dictatorship has uplifted countless societies and crushed countless more into dust. Most people live their daily lives with a high degree of safety, industry, and prosperity under his rule, if not freedom.[1]" Its symbol appears to be a light blue four-pointed star.[2]

Emissary Saharus of the Celestial Empire delivered Mottom a gift of 600 young gladiators for the Palace of Radiance.[2]

They have very weird parables there.[3]


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