82 prepares coffee for Allison.

Coffee is a brewed beverage served throughout the Wheel. It is prepared by roasting or baking coffee beans. The beans are then ground and mixed with hot water which is filtered, creating coffee. A relatively bitter drink, coffee is usually served with sugar or milk to offset its taste. It can be consumed while hot, though sometimes it is mixed into food to add an extra flavor profile. On Earth, a person who prepares coffee is known as a barista, of which Allison is known to be one.



Coffee steaming from a pot.

The history of coffee dates back countless years. It has such strong cultural significance that the priest Vym Yrttr compares its preparation to a spiritual exercise:

The first wisdom – abolition of self,
The second wisdom – always brew coffee before breaking fast.[1]

When Allison arrives in Throne, 82 prepares coffee for her as a gesture of friendship.[2]



  • In the real world, coffee is a massively popular drink that originated around 1000 AD on the Arabian Peninsula. It spread throughout the Arab world in the fifteenth century and was hailed as a suitable alternative to alcohol by eighteenth-century Europe.


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