Concordance Hall of the Demiurges

Concordance of the Demiurges.

  • Here lies the domain of the wielders of names, No bound or lay-line encircles it, For from step to step, They span the span, aft and fore, They are world straddlers, and their stride is shod with fire.
  • - Inscription on the main speaking house of the Concordance of the Demiurges

The Concordance of the Demiurges is a meeting place of The Seven, the last surviving Demiurges,[1] in the District known as Sacred Spoke the highest point in Throne.[2]

Before the coming of Zoss to Throne, the Concordance speaking hall was used by the Gods in their time. -Noted in Abbadon's Broken Worlds RPG.

In the ages after the First Conquest and during the "golden age" when there were a great many demiurges, those lords would meet in the Concordance Hall to conduct their many discussions and deliberations.

Since the end of the Universal War, the bleached bones of many thousands of slain demiurges remain in a vast, ghastly, open air necropolis surrounding the Concordance Hall.

A second location that they meet is at a table on the head of an unknown dead god,[3] in the Void below Throne.[4] In the past, the table was a more casual setting in front of Zoss' throne.[5]

One of the meetings was called by Jagganoth upon the discovery of Zaid in his territory. The last time they met, things ended poorly enough to almost stop the meetings altogether. [6][7][8] This likely has something to do with the fist-shaped damage at Jagganoth's part of the table.

The Concordance of the Demiurges, a meeting of the remaining Demiurges, meets at this location, but they also meet at a separate location in the Void.[9] It was revealed in the Patreon Hangouts that this is not the Tower of Zoss or a refection of it, but a pile of gods in the Void directly "below" the tower.



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