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82 White Chain Born in Emptiness Returns to Subdue Evil is something like a police officer in the Concordant Harmonies.[1][2] It is implied that this organization replaced the defunct Concordant Knights.[3] It should be noted that White Chain is a peacekeeper and not a police officer or a lawman.[4]

Confusingly, the name of both organizations and any meeting of angels is shortened to "the Concordance"[5] or called the "Concordance of Angels."[6][2]

White Chain is more or less the rare good cop who is not on the take. There are definitely a few others still as uncorrupted as her walking their beats in Throne. Not many, but a few.[7] White Chain is not the only peacekeeper in Throne.[8]


  • The 'badge' of the Concordant Harmonies seems to be the comb-like symbol of the preservers seen in the Dysk image. It signifies the comb of Prim, a delicate item meant to instil gentleness into its bearer, who must be careful not to shatter it with excessive violence.[9]
  • Originally, White Chain would have had a fat angel partner (similar to the original look of Jagganoth) who would have investigated Allison's original plan for escaping Throne: a pact with Oscar to smuggle her out of the city.[10]


  • "Angels are very single minded beings. I once heard of an infamous thief who stole a song-jewel from the Palace of Night. He shook the angel that tried to track him down, sold the jewel, moved offworld happily retired, had several children and was relaxing in his hammock one day nearly thirty years later when the exact same angel strode up to him, cracked him in the jaw and dragged him off to prison for theft. The angel was absolutely filthy with dust and mud, having been ceaselessly working to track him down every moment of every day that had passed since. I was told after the arrest it took thirty minutes to wash off for 'efficiency' reasons and then immediately returned to its patrol route." - Payapop Pritram King of Swords 8-76