A Devil's pact is an contract between a devil and another being.  

  • Pact

    Devils pact.

  • When the devil and a sentient come to terms on their agreement, a "Devil's Kiss" will appear on the body of the sentient. 
  • This is "a piece of the parasitic, pure hot Black Flame, granter of the Art . ( This is ) The mark of a contract."               - Magister Ando,   Wielder of Names 1-17 
  • It was the Demiurges who first walked the Void and who dared to subdue, mask, and named devils to learn their secrets and bind them into service. KSBD 3-44
  • When Allison returns to the Void she meets three Magisters who are out making pacts with a devil and seeking to bind it with a new mask.  Wielder of Names 1-13

  • Negotiating

    Magisters negotiating with a devil.


    Binding involves offering a mask to a devil.

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