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Devils are one of the major races and are a sub-group of the destroyers, one of the four orders of inheritors.



Cosmological patterns imply that the gods created devils so as to become a force of destruction in the world.[1][2] In actuality, when the demiurges broke the firmament and inherited Throne, the unbound devils were subdued and masked, creating them from formless chaos and allowing their secrets to be stolen from them.[3]

Description and Behavior[]

All devils are the children of black YIS, the chaotic and untamed Hot Black Flame.[2] They tend to be self-serving and egotistical.

Primal devils inhabit the void as "mindless monstrosities". Such unbound devils may be used as a power source in devil engines and Devil Liquor.[4] Binding with a mask grants them sentience, memories, a personality, and the ability to enter Throne or any world.[5]That is why masks are carefully crafted[6]. Binding a devil gives it a name, a mask, and a personality. Blue devils are the most common, but the pale devils are described as weaker. A devil can increase in power by removing names, doing so also improves the colour of its mask. Ebon devils only have one name. Devils may "change" their own names or trick mortals into renaming them. The higher coloured names of devils are powerful and kept exceptionally secret, and usually (though rarely) discovered by devils themselves."[7]

The devils seem to take distinct forms based on their masks; from least to most powerful.[8] The following information about the Devils is summarised from the Broken Worlds RPG:

Pale/Pallid Devils[]

Pale devils (also known as cacodeamons) are the lowest order of devils and generally regarded as the least powerful. Typically summoned to perform mundane tasks such as physical labour or guard work, they are given extremely long names to shed in order to keep them under control. Though typically short, asexual, and bulbous, Pale devil’s have a wild variance in physical form, as they are usually much closer to the chaotic Black Flame. Pale devils can easily regenerate limbs, and the longer they live the larger they grow, with very large Pale devils often being used as beast of burden.

Though Pale devils cannot speak, have little personality, and show little understanding or interest in advanced topics, they have a capable and at time keen intelligence. They often have odd habits – such as compulsive counting or cleaning, are very good at repetitive tasks, and show a surprising amount of intuition and cunning when pressed. Pale devils will perform most task without a great deal of skill, but also without question. This make them very popular servants, for a Pale devil will not only remain obedient, but will also be very unlikely to discover the nature of their secret names and change colour.

Blue Devils[]


Blue Devils, also known commonly as imps or night devils, are a relatively common sight in Throne. Though only the fifth strongest type of devil, right above Pale, they make up for a lack of strength with cunning and charisma. Blue devils are prolific lairs and schemers, and love to tell and consume stories as fast as they can. Their natural affinity for lying makes them extremely potent users of the Art, though their more flippant and whimsical natures tend to distract them from using it for malicious purposes. Blue devils are commonly summoned and employed as bookies, secretaries, courtiers, and advisors.

Blue devils are often vain and self-possessed creatures, but they are generally a lot more amicable and social than other devils. They tend to steal anything that catches their eye, and usually adorn themselves with garish mishmash of fashion and random trinkets. Their physical forms are highly malleable and can change on their whim, but almost all Blue devils manifest between two to five feet high. Cutting and consuming a lock of Blue devils hair is said to cure diseases of the mind, and consuming Imp flesh, or their blood (commonly known as Blue Devil Liquor) grants the ability to understand and speak all languages.

Red Devils[]

Red devils are commonly referred to, throughout all parts of the multiverse, as ‘war devils’. Unlike a common soldier, a Red devil requires neither rest nor sustenance and will gleefully kill for as long as ordered. Of course, this is only when paid, something which Red devils are very particular about (although most accept payment in the form of tobacco, liquor, meat, weaponry, or jewellery). Once paid, Red devils are extremely loyal and will perform their duties without question until they feel need for payment once again, which can be frequent. An unpaid Red devil is usually quite lazy, and is not afraid to indulge themselves at the host's expense until they get bored and move on. Though they are typically quite susceptible to being tricked, their horrifying strength and speed no matter the size, along with their tendency to hold grudges for long times, makes it unwise to get on their bad side.

Red devils tend to have jovial, loud dispositions, and a strong sense of humour. They are fond of drinking, singing, and war, sometimes all at the same time. Most red devils tend to view fighting as a grand amusement or challenge rather than a matter of life and death. Despite this, they value their own fighting prowess and reputation quite highly, and are easily insulted and angered if those come into question.

Green/Verdant Devils[]


Green devils are considered the third most powerful rank of devils, and are by far the most feared. Commonly known as ‘death’s head’ devils for their skull-like masks, Green devils are often winged, reptilian in appearance, and completely alien in thought. They tend to speak little, if at all, and are sparing with their movement and mannerisms. Green devils are typically summoned for one purpose; to guard a particular location or object. Greens excel at this, for they are extraordinarily nasty opponents, and tend to barely move from their perches. Their thick, scaly hides can turn away swords or bullets with relative ease, and many love the taste of flesh. Greens are extremely territorial, and even after the completion of a pact will tend to carve out their own domain and rule it with impunity, treating all who enter as mere playthings.

Greens tend to spend countless hours in dizzyingly complex thought, contemplating the nature of the universe and other such things. It is not uncommon for them to remain motionless for days at a time. They are fond of riddles, koans, and other philosophical puzzles, and will often ask them of those who enter their territory. Successfully answering often buys the trespasser freedom or some gift, while failure usually means being brutally killed. Flocks of Green devils are said to inhabit the upper reaches of Throne, making it infamously dangerous.

Gold/Gilded Devils[]


Gold devils are infamous for their cruel and sadistic manner. Summoned to serve as chamberlains, magistrates, and high class servants, they could be considered the intelligentsia of the devil world. Their sense for business, science, mathematics, sorcery, politics, ritual, and even organized crime means it is not uncommon to see gold devils outmanoeuvre their masters and rise to positions of leadership themselves. For this reason, they are explicitly avoided by inexperience summoners. Gold Devils seem to have unadorned, very human-seeming masks, and often wear robes covering much of the rest of their bodies.

Gold Devils usually love to accumulate wealth and its various aspects, such as servants and property. They typically bear no sense of allegiance, friendship, or empathy to any save those that serve their needs, and are perfectly willing to sacrifice others by the dozen to achieve some minor goal. Many gold devils seem to have a few personal quirks or rules that they must follow. One common example is that they cannot enter any active dwellings without permission, and another is that they cannot stand the sound of bird calls.

Ebon Devils[]

Ebon devils, through might, cunning, or sheer age, have be a single name, usually shortened into a well-feared moniker. They can take on any form they choose. They are rivalled only by the strongest and most cunning ancients on the Wheel, and are incredibly rare. The hunger of their soul flames is immense, and they require great amounts of wealth and sacrifice to sustain it. As such, Ebon devils usually don't need to make pacts for a thousand year or more.

The Practices of Devils[]

Known Devils[]


  • “A Devil can be the most horrifying warrior, untiring manservant, or cunning secretary that one could wish. But unlike humankind’s weak Black Flame, the flame of the Devils glows hot and raw. It must be fettered. Otherwise, they will surely tear Throne apart, angels be damned.” – Par Vam, Undersecretary of the Yellow City Wielder of Names 2-29
  • There’s no kinship among thieves, and there’s even less among devils. If I had to pick one over the other, I’d go with the thief. Judges help the man who picks a devil for a traveling companion.” – Amvater ya Imven, Bone Monk Seeker of Thrones 6-69
  • “If you ever hear the Night Curse spoken, run. It only passes the lips of devils, and only when they are up to misdeeds. This is known in nearly all of the ten thousand kingdoms.” -Payapop Pritram Seeker of Thrones 6-60
  • A 'Devil's Walkabout' is a common moniker in Throne for a plan or scheme that will probably irrevocably end in disaster. - Abbadon, Seeker of Thrones 10-186
  • "The most direct way possible a devil may feed, and the one that makes them the most vulnerable, therefore rarely used except when a devil is extremely powerful or extremely trusting. The latter circumstance is far less likely than the former believe me." - Elemvy Guile, Night Mother Assassin. Commenting on Possession. King of Swords 9-102


  • When the comic was first conceived, Abbadon stated that devils and demons were distinct entities. Devils were set to be physical beings while demons were supposed to be non-corporeal. This has since been retconned and the two are now the same.[9]
  • In a comment on an early comic, Abbadon also mentioned a different hierarchy of demons. Blue devils were still the most common, but they were also the weakest, with the next most important individuals being described as violet, crimson, gold, vermilion, indigo, and ebon.[10]
  • In a past Tumblr post Green Devils were noted to be the second most powerful, but this was changed in the comic during the devil's song during Allison and Vladok's drinking contest.[5]
  • Abbadon mentions there are only a few dozen Ebon devils in all the worlds--two examples are Vladok[11] and Yabalchoath. A 2015 sketch depicted a powerfully built man, it has three faces: the center face largely seems human, but has two horns; its other faces, one to each side, seem reptilian, although one seems healthy and the other skeletal.