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Devils are one of the major races and are a sub-group of the destroyers, one of the four orders of inheritors.



Cosmological patterns imply that the gods created devils so as to become a force of destruction in the world.[1][2] In actuality, when the demiurges broke the firmament and inherited Throne, the unbound devils were subdued and masked, creating them from formless chaos and allowing their secrets to be stolen from them.[3]

Description and BehaviorEdit

All devils are the children of black YIS, the chaotic and untamed Hot Black Flame.[2] They tend to be self-serving and egotistical.

Primal devils inhabit the void as "mindless monstrosities". Such unbound devils may be used as a power source in devil engines and devil liquor.[4] Binding with a mask grants them sentience, memories, a personailty, and the ability to enter Throne or any world.[5]That is why masks are carefully crafted[6]. Binding a demon gives it a name, a mask, and a personality. Blue devils are the most common, but the pale demons are described as weaker. A devil can increase in power by removing names, doing so also improves the color of its mask. Ebon devils only have one name. Devils may "change their own names or trick mortals into renaming them. The higher colored names of demons are powerful and kept exceptionally secret, and usually (though rarely) discovered by demons themselves."[7]

The devils seem to take distinct forms based on their masks; from least to most powerful:[8]

  • Pale/Palid Devils have masks that have asymmetric holes rather than faces, with thick bodies and spindly limbs.
  • Blue Devils have masks that are wholly-expressive, generally human-like faces with smooth horns and hairy bodies. They are described as "imps."
  • Red Devils are stockier, with fur and more bestial, less human visages.
  • Green/Verdant Devils seem more like dragons, with green scales, skeletal faces and wings.
  • Gold Devils have unadorned, very human-seeming masks, and wear simple robes covering much of the rest of their bodies.
  • Ebon Devils are very rare--Abbadon mentions there are only a few dozen in all the worlds--two examples are Vladok[9] and Yabalchoath. A 2015 sketch depicted a powerfully built man, it has three faces: the center face largely seems human, but has two horns; its other faces, one to each side, seem reptilian, although one seems healthy and the other skeletal.

Known DevilsEdit


  • When the comic was first conceived, Abbadon stated that devils and demons were distinct entities. Devils were set to be physical beings while demons were supposed to be non-corporeal. This has since been retconned and the two are now the same.[10]
  • In a comment on an early comic, Abbadon also mentioned a different hierarchy of demons. Blue devils were still the most common, but they were also the weakest, with the next most important individuals being described as violet, crimson, gold, vermilion, indigo, and ebon.[11]
  • In a past Tumblr post Green Devils were noted to be the second most powerful, but this was changed in the comic during the devil's song during Allison and Vladok's drinking contest.[5]