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Eris-Lo Kai
Eris-Lo Kai.png
Debut KSBD 3:51
Occupation Vatra
Affiliation Pursuers
Gender Male
Status Active

Eris-Lo Kai is a vatra and one of the Pursuers.


Eris-Lo Kai is first seen in Hell 71, listening to news of the key near the noodle restaurant. When he becomes fed up with the Guild of Ink Drippers, he vaults over the heads of the crowd and lays claim to the key. Layla Brimstone then challenges his claim by firing her gun into the air and a tense standoff ensues.

When 23 arrives at the scene, a fighter takes advantage of the pause and Eris-Lo is soon caught up in the brawl. He nearly reaches Allison at one point, decapitating her attacker, but is ultimately warded off by Cio.


Apart from his mystical third eye, Eris-Lo Kai appears to be human. He is rather old, with gray hair, bony limbs, wild eyebrows and wrinkled skin, although this does not appear to have any bearing on his overall physical fitness.

He wears a loose kimono-like garment, allowing for great freedom of movement, and keeps his hair pulled back from his face with a large golden hairpin. His tools include a sword and a mirror.


As a vatra, Eris-Lo Kai is a skilled warrior-mystic, possessing considerable athleticism and acrobatic skills that belie his aged appearance. Through a mixture of raw physical strength and his proficiency in the Art, he is shown to be capable of severing heads from their shoulders and drive his sword into solid stone, both times while midair.


  • Eris-Lo Kai is a fan-submitted character,[1] though the author combined him with an idea that he already had planned.