Geas Knights

Classification Military order
Debut KSBD 3:44[1]
Status Active

The Geas Knights are a military order founded during the reign of the demiurges. Ingsvld is one.

The Geas Knights are referenced in an unnamed children's rhyme with the couplet:

The Geas Knight unknown by name, the seeker proud and true,
His endless quest hath rent the stars yet known is he by few[1]


When the demiurges arrived in Throne, they ushered in an era of prosperity. The Geas Knights were among the first military orders to arise during this time.

Geas knights dedicate their lives to a single task. It can be something general and innocuous, such as protecting the weak, or it can be something life consuming, such as a search for a fabled sword, or restoration of a king.[2]

Geas Knights do not pick their quests - they are given them by the Bone Listeners, who tap them out of the Skull of Un-Sivran.[3]

Traditionally, after a Geas Knight has finished their "quest", he or she commits ritualized suicide, known as 'Am-Ayr', becomes an ascetic hermit, or joins a monastery for the rest of their life. Many return to the skull-fortress of their order where they receive their quests in the first place to join the elder bone listeners there.[4]


  • In Celtic mythology, a geas is a form of magic. Those affected by a geas are compelled to fulfill certain conditions or risk death.


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