Title(s) Queen of Worms
Classification Demiurge
Gender Female
Occupation Ruler of 111,111 Universes
Debut KSBD 3:45[1]
Status Active

Gog-Agog is a demiurge and a member of the Seven.[2]


By the end of the Universal War, Gog-Agog stood victorious with six other demiurges and was bestowed the title of "Lord of Infinity". She eventually helped establish the Pact of the Seven Part World, an agreement that carved the multiverse into seven pieces, one for each victor.[2]

At the concordance of the demiurges, Gog-Agog is seen admiring her own reflection, assisted by a number of tiny servants. For some reason she does not appear to be fully rational, but otherwise seems capable of functioning normally.[3]


Gog-Agog's face is usually hidden by an oddly-shaped green hood, but she appears to be a pale, slender woman with blonde hair and no eyebrows. Unless tended to, a mass of worms seems to be constantly oozing out of her face. She can easily survive mortal injuries, as her worms will simply reform the missing parts.

As the embodiment of envy, Gog-Agog's diminutive servants carry a mirror and a vast array of makeup tools to make constant adjustments to her face, such as painting her eyebrows, applying lipstick, or combing her hair.[3][4] She bears a dripping, white-green halo over her head.


Little is known about Gog-Agog, but she appears to be both insane and self-absorbed, admiring her reflection in a mirror while making strange, off-hand remarks about the concordance of demiurges.[3] She is also rather forgetful and fails to recall the name of Zoss, her former king.[4] She seems to imitate the personality and mannerisms and even slightly alter her appearance to mimic the last speaker in a social situation.[5]


Gog-Agog was originally a non-sapient collection of worms. They are now a literal "walking tragedy".[6] Worms are an animal, and animals were made by the Beast Headed God from the effervescent heat of the Flame Immortal (and not the Flame itself), so they do have souls of a kind, but they cannot exist in the Void since their souls are too weak.[7] This is obviously no longer the case.

The capital of Gog-Agog's territory is not a world. Gog-Agog holds court in Throne, in the entertainment district known as Charnel.[8]

Gog-Agog rules and controls entertainment in Throne and is considered a major celebrity there. Outside of that, her worlds are a mess, her empire largely self-consuming.[9]



The original concept art for Gog-Agog, King of Worms.

  • Like the rest of the Seven, Gog-Agog is based on the seven deadly sins of Christianity. Since her motif is green, it would seem Gog-Agog is based on envy.
  • Gog-Agog's name is one of the oldest in the comic. When Kill Six Billion Demons first began as a forum thread, Allison sported a living tramp stamp which readers could use to order her around known as the "Eye of Gog Agog".
  • Based some early concept art, Gog-Agog was originally intended to be male and held the title "King of Worms".[10]
  • Due to her unique physiology, she is potentially the most dangerous demiurge in a fight. Even Jagganoth would struggle against her.[11]


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