The exalted order of Gun Witches was founded in R.E. 3440 and is the fourth order of witches after the Blade Witches. Needless to say, it is by far the most feared.[1] Gun Witches are not proper sorcerers, though they do make use of the Art in some of their techniques. They are best known for being trained in extreme forms of firearm based martial arts.[2] The only known Gun Witch is Layla Brimstone.

At least one gun witch has the ability to literally juggle her guns while firing them.[3] Their headquarters is, of course, shaped like a gun.[4] It is possibly the corpse of the Gun God.[5]

Higher technology, especially weapons, is tightly controlled by the demiurges and coveted by the guilds. It's not easy to come by a modern-level gunsmith in Throne.[6]

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