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The Heretic's Court,[1] also spelled Heretics' Court,[2] is a council that governs the affairs of Devils.[2] It is a council of 13 ebon devils that watch over Himself, the King of Devils, to make sure he does not get out of his prison. They take their role very seriously. All major criminal activity through Devil syndicates in throne requires his approval though, so they still let him hold court.[3] They are noted to be a match for the Prime Angels.[3]

They are based in a pleasure house in Ashton[4] called the White-Eyed Woman.[5] They spend their free time eating human flesh to sustain their parasitic soul flames.[1] The remains become "hollows".[6] They had a peace with The Seven until the actions of Yabalchoath disrupted things.[7] Afterwards, the court conspired with the Priests of the Count to bring down Yabalchoath again.[8]

Allison and company require their permission[9] to get the permission of their prisoner[7] to perform a heist involving the devils of Oscar's guild.[9]

Organization and membership[]

The thirteen members of the court are divided into the the inner court of seven and the less powerful outer court of thirteen.[7]

Outer Court of Thirteen[]

  • Bethanderian, crab-like creature[7]
  • Astarion, four winged devil[7]
  • Hesh[10]
  • Gloam[11]

Inner Court of Seven[]

  • Izzicob[11]
  • Carnifex[11]
  • Loabarrisleb, the many eyed one[7]
  • Thrax[11]
  • Yawmga, the meditating man[7]
  • Moab[11]
  • Void,[12] one resembling a child with a cross-shaped eye[2]