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KSBD - Incubus.png
Title(s) Lord of the Golden Army[1]
Sword King of the Middle Army

Bearer of the word Flame[2]
Epithet The Laughing God[3]
The Glitter God[4]
Classification Demiurge
Gender Male
Occupation Ruler of 111,111 universes
Debut KSBD 3:45[5]
Status Active

Incubus is a demiurge and a member of the Seven. His citadel in Throne is the spire of Lethyx.


Background/Universal War[]

Incubus was born and abandoned during the early days of the Universal War, and knew Meti as well as a young Maya when he was a young starveling. He was the first to shave his head as per Meti's instructions and became her student, followed soon after by Maya; however, Meti had never intended for him to become her student, being well aware of his inherent bloodlust. He was originally close to Maya, but eventually they separated to pursue their respective paths in life. He was also responsible for killing Meti, which Maya has never forgiven him for.

After the Universal War, Incubus rose to power as one of seven victors who claimed ownership over the Wheel. By the Pact of the Seven Part World, he came into possession of 111,111 universes and the Key of Kings of each.[6]

His worlds suffer from brutal anarchy, with what little of value there picked apart by warlords he hand raised from the remnants of the most powerful army in the universe[7] - probably by giving these warlords Emissary power, but ultimately letting them waste away in his fortress on Throne.[8] This also implies that his army (The Golden Army and the Middle Army may or may not be the same) has largely fell apart. Yet, he is rebuilding this army.[9]

He is in contact with Praman Nand.[10]

Kill Six Billion Demons[]

For reasons unknown, Incubus does not arrive when the Concordance of the Demiurges is called by Jagganoth and instead chooses to send his first consort.[11]

He first appears in the comic in person as Allison is resting on her way to the Palace of Radiance with Cio. He appears to her in her dream in a handsome, boyband-esque appearance, explaining that he saw her ride the lightning and that while the other demiurges think Zaid is the heir, it's clear that Allison holds the power, though he is not sure if this is what she really wants. As Allison wakes up in Mykos, he disappears, having seemed to be only her imagination.

Seeker of Thrones[]

He deals in dreams

Incubus appears in Allison's mindscape once again, after Allison has decided to go to Yre and rescue Zaid.[12] He explains that he has been poking around inside of her mind for quite some time and that her self loathing has been taking up a lot of room. He takes the outfit of David Bowie's Goblin King and explains that what Allison really wants is power. Allison lashes at him for coming uninvited, to which he explains he deals in dreams, able to control the power of ambition to bring people to greatness. He takes the appearance of Tuxedo Mask next and continues, that he can unlock Allison's true potential by giving her a fragment of himself, making her his emissary. Allison, in a fit of anger and weakness, agrees, to which he commends and slams a piece of his key into hers.

Incubus awakes from his meditation in his true form, a disgusting cloaked prince lying in a pool of blood, humming a tune. He walks through Lethyx, mirthfully and without care of the rot surrounding him.[13] Jagganoth is waiting for Incubus in his throne room, crouched upon his pile of goblets, blocking his throne. Jagganoth says that the throne was never his to begin with, to which he responds: So you all keep REMINDING me!

He asks Jagganoth if he thinks she will take it back, alluding to the idea that his throne actually belonged to Maya, who fits his description of being a fat, washed-up drunk.[14] The two demiurges talk, with Incubus thinking that Allison will drive a wedge among the other demiurges and is the true heir of Zoss. It would be up to Jagganoth to see if he is worthy of the Master Key. The two part ways as Incubus says they both want the same thing in the end. War.

Later, as Allison is silenced by the Heretic's Court, Incubus appears to her again. He shows her the power of her feelings, that anger and the will to change is a weak thing to common men and women, but they are not common. Their anger is a hammer that can shatter gods. With that, Allison mantles the power of Ys-Myra.

Incubus admires the result of Allison's cut

While in Yre, Incubus appears over Allison's shoulder as she is covered in blood and vital fluids from slicing a mimic apart. He seems to take great pleasure in her work, alluding to his more wicked and vile nature.[15] As his teacher Meti said in her sword manual "A man who finds pleasure in the result of cutting is the most hateful, crawling creature there is."

When Allison is betrayed by one of the thieves, he simultaneously says 'That bitch' with Allison.[16] When Allison and Cio have a divide over what just happened, he chimes in to tell Allison that she doesn't need anyone and that Cio only wants her around to protect her from her husband. When Allison tries to respond, he disappears again.

As Allison discovers that her ego is trapped alongside her many selves and emotions within her own body, she demands to see Incubus, who is this time dressed as a businessman.[13] He explains that as much as Allison may want control she already is in control. As much as she might not like it, she is the weaker part of her personality and that the cruel, heartless part of herself, along with himself, is keeping her alive. A sexy secretary version of himself appears and tells him he has a meeting with 'Mr. J' and he disappears in a flash of light, telling Allison and her many selves to stay safe.[17]

King of Swords[]

Breaker of Infinites[]

A young Incubus and Maya observe a battlefield during the Universal War.


Incubus is a tall, thin, albino man with scars and bulging veins across his body. He has long white hair and pink colored irises. He often wears a filthy white robe that conceals much of his form. Along with his Key of Kings, he has 3 studs in his head for his Head of John.

While in the mindscape of Allison, he appears to take on a nicer, more attractive form, either due to how he views himself or for the benefit of endearing himself to Allison. In this state, he has short, cropped hair and fashionable clothes.

As a child he was dirty and disheveled, though he would clean up during his time with Meti and Maya.


Incubus is an incredibly cunning, conniving, and spiteful person. He is representative of the sin of lust and has shown himself to be a manipulative parasite, stealing the dreams and wishes of his subjects, siphoning power from the blood of his victims, and having seemingly stolen his Key of Kings.

While alone or with Allison he has shown himself to be exceeding casual and carefree, but towards the other demiurges he has only shown his more stand-offish qualities.

While talking with Jagganoth he showed himself to be afraid of the power Allison wields, that she is the true heir of Zoss with limitless potential.[18] He has only shown a grim seriousness when Allison harmed him in their sparring[19] and when facing Jagganoth on Rayuba.[20]

A folk saying says that his mirth is more brittle than a fingernail, and he is not one to jest with.[3] Incubus does not dance.[21] Incubus is probably gay, but he is gay for ambition the most of all.[22]


Incubus is a demiurge and is among the most powerful beings in existence. That being said, he is often disrespected and looked down on by the other demiurges and is often seen as less deserving of his throne. He remains, however, extraordinarily powerful.

Incubus showing his martial prowess

Much of his power rises from his consumption of blood and souls, similar to a vampire.[23]

In terms of magic, Incubus has shown great proficiency in manipulating the minds of people, having been able to enter Allison's mindscape and manipulate her into making a deal with him.[14] He also spent some time influencing her emotions and instructing her on the ways of wielding a key and manifesting her will.[15]Incubus uses his power over dreams to help people realize their ambitions at a price, [24] effectively making them his emissaries.[25]

In terms of physical and martial talents, Incubus was trained by Meti, the greatest swordsman to ever live, though he understood very little of her lessons. Though he has often seemed sickly and ill, he has shown incredible physical feats while fighting Jagganoth, including running on his sword.[16]

While he is proclaimed to be a King of Swords, he is also is a master of Head of John [26]


“May God drag down the lids of those that watch the sleepers, and may their rest be unperturbed.”

-Prayer to Incubus[27]

“In Lethyx dwells a white princeling who doth not sleep, but feedeth upon the sleep of other as a tick fattens itself upon a bloated vein. There doth he perch, and sifteth through the minds of men as one sorts marbles, to shatter them at his pleasure.”

- The Book of Black Kings[28]

“Though the lord of the pit clads himself in finery and smiles, do not be bedeviled. He is a wretched, stinking king, and the minds of men are playthings to him.” – Solomon David, Celestial Emperor Seeker of Thrones 7-84

“There are among men who vie for the Crown of the World men who cultivate evil Atum, who break the meridians and suck out the marrow of other men, who participate in blood alchemy and all kinds of dark and malicious alignments.

These men are the most powerful among immortals, but they are not to be envied. They are piteous, broken things that must be destroyed with exceeding force whenever they crawl out of their stinking holes. If one were to sit upon the Great Chariot of the Red City, it would be a most terrible thing indeed.”

– Six Purities Path manuscript, circa 250 S.C. Breaker of Infinities 1-8


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  • Incubus' name was originally supposed to be Michael, but Abbadon decided against it because it didn't sound threatening enough.[29]