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Debut KSBD 3:50
Affiliation Geas Knights, Haberdasher's Guild, Coalition of Wax Drippers
Gender Male
Status Active

Ingsvld is a member of the Geas Knights and one of the Pursuers, a group of elite warriors chasing Allison for her Key of Kings.


Chapter 3[]

Ingsvld made his first appearance among the individuals confronting Preem Vash and 23 as they attempted to smuggle Allison out of Hell 71. At the time, he served as a representative for both the Haberdasher's Guild and the Coalition of Wax Drippers.

Chapter 4[]

He was soon left in the dust, as 23 absconded with Allison, and only made it down to the site of the second conflict in the wake of Preem Nand.


Ingsvld belongs to an unknown blue-skinned species, whose most notable characteristic is that they have a floating, one-eyed tome where their head should be (one example of which is in the possession of Cio, where it appears to still be alive). He is rather tall, and while muscular is not particularly powerfully built.

The reader that submitted him claims that he is a book-like servant that gained a body. Cio's use of her book is their original purpose.[1]

He wears an open-chested robe, cinched at the waist and lightly ornamented. He also wears what appears to be some kind of complicated torc encircling his nonexistent neck, and a floating crown reminiscent of the one worn by Zoss.


Little is known at this point about Ingsvld's capabilities, though he is presumably a skilled swordsman.


  • Ingsvld is a fan-submitted character.[2]