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The four orders of inheritors[1] refers to the major races that occupy the Wheel. They were the creations of the gods, entire races crafted to inherit their creation.

The 4 divisions are Sustainers, Protectors, Perceivers, and Destroyers, with each having a role and function in the universe.

They are more commonly known as Servants, Angels, Humans, and Devils.


Long ago, the gods established the red city of Throne and populated it with four groups of people. Each was designed with a unique purpose in mind, and as their numbers grew, their lineage would create the foundations for the multiverse, which was henceforth called the Wheel.[2]

The history of these people is a turbulent one, and some people were affected more heavily by the carnage of the Universal War. For example, the angels experienced a massive cultural schism after the destruction of the Concordance.[3]


The four orders of inheritors include the sustainers, the protectors, the perceivers, and the destroyers.[1]


The Sustainers have cool white souls and are the children of the god UN. They include spirits and servants and were made to build, but not perceive the universe.[1]

They were created from the Cool White Flame by the god Koss. They do not die of old age.

Examples of sustainers include Musko Reeve and Mammon.


The protectors, more commonly known as angels, were constructed to protect the universe. They have white souls and are the children of the white god UN.[1] After Throne was established, the angels served as the attendants of the gods, but the city became corrupted and the gods eventually died out while the angels were left undisturbed.

When Zoss breached the firmament, he slew the original Prime Angels and inherited Throne, creating a new order ruled by the demiurges and ushering in a golden age. It was at this time that the demiurges forged armored bodies of ash for the angels and invited them to take up their role as protectors of the Red City once again. But the peace was not to last. As Throne grew corrupted a Universal War erupted, splintering and demoralizing the order of the Concordant Knights. After the war a number of Aeons found a new path which led them to become Thorn Knights. Other Aeons gave up the law completely and became Petal Knights. The Aeons who remained true to their nature created a new order of peacekeepers now known as the Concordant Harmonies.

Examples of protectors include 2 Michael and 82 White Chain Born in Emptiness Returns to Subdue Evil.


Perceivers are the third order of inheritors. All perceivers have warm, black-colored souls and are the offspring of the black goddess YIS. Humans are included in this category.[1]

Examples of Percievers include Mathangi ten Meti and Allison.


The final order of inheritors includes devils, who have black souls. They are descendants of YIS and were brought into their common forms by humans, rather than Koss. [4]

Examples of Destroyers include Ciocie Cioelle and Himself.