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Jagganoth Full Body.jpg
Title(s) Pankrator[1]


Epithet The God Eater[2]
Also Known As Lord of Rage[1]
The Ultimate Monstrosity
Yaun Ten Jantris
Bearer of the word Blade
God's Monster
Wheel-Turning King
Red Eyed Heir
Destroyer of the Seven-Part World
Classification Demiurge
Gender Male
Occupation Ruler of 111,111 universes
Affiliates The Seven
Debut KSBD 3:45[3]
Status Active

Jagganoth is a demiurge and one of seven victors in the Universal War. A cunning strategist and formidable warrior, Jagganoth is the most powerful member of the Seven with mastery over both magical and physical combat.[4] He currently controls 111,111 universes and a massive stockpile of weapons and modern technology[5], in order to improve it.[6]

Formally introduced in Chapter 4, Jagganoth first appears in a flashback after establishing the Pact of the Seven Part World. Many years later, he intercepts a Thorn Knight raiding party and calls a meeting when he realizes the knights were sent by Mottom. But before he can press the issue further, Jadis divines a prophecy of the Third Conquest and predicts his downfall.

Creation and conception

God Eater, an early prototype for Jagganoth.

The first conception of Jagganoth can be traced back to KSBD 1F1, where he appears as a tall, hunched figure struck by arrows. By September 2013, this character's appearance had changed drastically and Abbadon began referring to him as God Eater, Tyrant-King of the Juggernauts.[7] Conceptually, God Eater was set to be the seventh demiurge, but little about the character found its way into the comic, and only his armored sleeve, mask, and bestial features remained consistent with Jagganoth's current appearance.


Jagganoth stands among the Seven at the end of the Universal War.

By the end of the Universal War, Jagganoth stood alongside Jadis, Mottom, Incubus, Solomon David, Gog-Agog, and Mammon, unable to defeat them. He later agreed to the Pact of the Seven Part World, becoming heir to 111,111 universes.[8]

At the Concordance of the Demiurges, Jagganoth is absent but eventually appears on the horizon. With burning footsteps and a Thorn Knight in his grip he arrives, laying waste to the environment while accusing the rest of the Seven of weakness. When Mottom asks why he has come, Jagganoth responds by claiming it was he who called the meeting in the first place.[9]

Tossing the knight to the ground, Jagganoth presses his victim as to why Zaid was being transported through his territory. But Gog-Agog begins making wild accusations, prompting Mottom to decapitate her. [10] Some bickering occurs and Jagganoth discloses that the Thorn Knights emerged from one of Mottom's worlds. When he inquires further into the man's identity, Jadis begins divining a prophecy and claims the successor to Throne will be someone by the name of Kill Six Billion Demons.[11] Solomon David addressed Jagganoth as 'Yaun Ten Jantris' in their most recent confrontation. Breaker of Infinities 1-5

The revelation of Jagganoth's original name connects to 'The Tale of Yaun' which relates the humble origins of a peasant youth named Yaun. Yaun's family, his mother, and all the other folk of his home village were slain by rampaging mercenaries who then forced him into their company millennia ago. The company was then led by 'Jantris, storm crowned', who is also referred to as a 'Star Warrior' which implies he was one of the early demiurges. As Jantris trained him, Yaun eventually took on his master's name as is tradition in the worlds of the KSBD universe, and became 'Yaun Ten Jantris'. The connection between 'The Tale of Yaun' and 'The Bearer of the Word BLADE' was confirmed when Solomon formally used that original name in addressing Jagganoth during the cataclysmic confrontation which occurred on Rayuba. Breaker of Infinities 1-5.

As he engages in a series of battles with the other Demiurges, Jagganoth's tranformation reveals he now bears the name, 'Chakravartin' and the epithets, 'Wheel Turning King', 'Red Eyed Heir', 'Destroyer of the Seven Part World'. Breaker of Infinities 49-50


Jagganoth towers over Mottom as he inquires about a Thorn Knight search party.

Jagganoth is a thirty-foot-tall (9.1m)[9] bestial humanoid covered in a mass of fur. Big enough to hold a Thorn Knight like a toy, Jagganoth overshadows the other demiurges in size, though they seem accustomed his presence.

His mask is skull-like, containing two sets of tusks that emerge out of a row of exposed teeth. The mask is incorporated into a horned, reddish helmet with an exaggerated noseguard resembling the flattened trunk of an elephant. His burning key rests between his horns. About his head Jagganoth bears a huge, dull-yellow halo. His left eye appears to be nonfunctional.

Under his armor and mask, he resembles a large, grey human with glowing red eyes. However, the jaws of his mask have been observed to move when he speaks, so it might not simply be a mask any more.[12]

Jagganoth wears little to no clothing, bearing only a golden armored sleeve on his right arm and black legless tights. On his left arm Jagganoth keeps a thick chain wrapped around his forearm and gold about the shoulder.


It seems that Jagganoth cares a lot about improvement. He seems to seek power, military and brutal power by all means. Consider his physical changes: from a fat lord[13], to a strong, muscled warrior[14], to finally a monstrous giant [15]. Also, he works pretty hard at improving technology, when usually other Demiurges despise it, for they are Royalty and no technology could ever surpass their power.[16]

Jagganoth with his Key

Jagganoth during the reign of Zoss


In most appearances, Jagganoth is a monstrous red humanoid who towers over his peers. He is enormously powerful, capable of taking the rest of the Seven simultaneously[4] and is totally immune to harm according to the scholar Payapop Pritrum. Jagganoth is also immortal, and like the rest of the Seven, possesses complete mastery over space-time coupled with vast magical knowledge. So great is Jagganoth's power, his passing alone can boil blood and shatter bones, making him a favorite among Belligerent Knights, who actively worship him as a god. He is described by Abbadon as "the greatest warrior creation has ever known", one whose power is only limited by the collective effort of the Seven.[4][1][9]

All of the surviving Seven ruling demiurges have the ability to move instantaneously or teleport across dimensions, however the Red God found a way to weaponize his slicing through the dimensions and can unleash a tremendous detonation as he arrives at a destination. KSBD King of Swords 174-177 Jagganoth can also transport himself without such effects as when he traveled to the meeting of the demiurges in the Void. KSBD 4-75 [17]


“The Belligerents have a name for Preem Jagganoth: God’s Monster. You see, to them, he is a divine messenger, blessed by YISUN’s angels to cut away weak and useless things from the world and forge it into a more pure form. To them, he draws all evils into himself, like a great poison, in order to expunge the world of corruption.

Most people, I believe, take their worship as further proof of their insanity.”

-Peroxes the younger, S.C. 1440[18]

  • "The Wheel Turning King is Supreme Lord of the World - the wheels of his chariot turn in all directions unobstructed. He has completed mastery of Immortality and cultivated ultimate power, and risen above the laws of man and God. His Atum is burnished like adamantium and thirty thousand layers strong. Before him, even the mightiest earthly rulers may be flicked away like fleas." Hidden commentary, KSBD Breaker of Infinities 3-84 - 3-86
  • “Ox faced, black-tongued, the Wheel Turning King is master of terrestrial powers and war arts. His dominance is unchallenged and he crushes the kings of mankind using only three of his fingers. He wields the legacy of the crimson eyed god with a blazing will and a heated brow. His mighty body is a gate to hold back heaven. He will never touch royalty.” -Psalms KSBD : Breaker of Infinities : 3-90 - 3-92



  • Abbadon has stated Jagganoth was designed to avoid the "dumb brute" trope in fiction.[4]
  • Jagganoth's name is likely derived from Jagganath, a Hindu deity whose name means "Lord of the Universe". This term is also the root of the word juggernaut, meaning an unstoppable force.


  • "The Red God is rumoured to be a master of Aam'ya'ke, or Death Poetry. Whether any extant examples of his work exist, I scarcely begin to speculate, let alone entertain the idea of seeking them out." - Musko Reeve KSBD Breaker of Infinities 2-45


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