KSBD 1:11
Ksbd 1-11
Chapter Chapter 1
Page(s) 11 / 17
Release May 13, 2013[1]
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KSBD 1:11 is the eleventh offering of the first chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the twelfth offering altogether.[1]

Synopsis Edit

Allison arrives in Throne.[1]

Bonus Material Edit

Note: The following material is not considered canon.

Last night, alone, I met the moon
I saw its halo and the love around
“Now take the path, don’t ever lose your time
Just watch the light you have inside”
I watched inside and my eyes burned
The moon was right
Roots so deep, head so high
I want to be in and watch it out
I know the reasons why I failed
The stars illuminate my being
Behold thy servant, you the force around
that makes the planets be
-Gojira, “Love”[1]

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  • The song lyrics are from Gojira, a French heavy metal band. Abbadon has cited this genre of music as helpful for creating the world of Kill Six Billion Demons.

References Edit

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