KSBD 1:9
Ksbd 1-9
Chapter Chapter 1
Page(s) 9 / 17
Release May 13, 2013[1]
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KSBD 1:9 is the ninth offering of the first chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the tenth offering altogether.[1]

Synopsis Edit

Allison's shade[2] is separated from her body through Division. A crow can be seen.[1]

Bonus Material Edit

Note: The following material is not considered canon.

On the night of the 88th Marquis, YISUN queried his servants that were gathered in the hall of the Glass Temple of the 90th water. “Where shall we resolve this tale of the one we have not met yet?” said YISUN, and smiled in the 3rd way.
The servant Nighzmarquls, who was recitant said:
“The key is set, unlock the veil and show her the firmament of all things. Take her to the truth of unclothed and let its glory burn her.”
The servant Gordon was eager to please YISUN and said:
“The third eye has been burnt into the flesh, mind and soul of one unready. Like a tea party with the rug pulled out from under it, reality would alternately crumble and shatter, but this mind lacks the breadth to see it for what it is, so would see nothing at all, until the pieces settled into a new order, and the nothingness resolved itself into something else.”
The servant Driftwood, who had arrived late to the gathered, cast off his suggestion:
“Apparently she is going to the distant future.”
YISUN was pleased for he saw these were good things, and made it so.

Appearances Edit

Notes Edit

  • This offering marks the first appearance of Divison magic.[3]

References Edit

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