KSBD 2:20
Ksbd 2-20
Chapter Chapter 2
Page(s) 3 / 18
Release July 13, 2013[1]
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KSBD 2:20 is the third offering in chapter two of Kill Six Billion Demons and the twenty-first offering altogether.[1]

Synopsis Edit

The voice of 82 is heard but the angel shows no kindness toward Allison. He sits warily and watches her from a distance. Allison begins to introduce herself but 82 remains defensive, ignoring any formalities. He then asks her which King's Door she entered through and her particular lord of worship.

Allison interjects, confused, but 82 becomes insulted when she refers to him as female. 82 continues to assume Allison poses a threat and believes she is vatra.[1]

Appearances Edit


  • This offering marks the first mention of vatra and is the first time the King's Doors are referenced.


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