KSBD 2:33
Ksbd 2-33
Chapter Chapter 2
Page(s) 16 / 18
Release December 1, 2013[1]
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KSBD 2:33 is the sixteenth offering of chapter two of Kill Six Billion Demons and the thirty-fourth offering altogether.[1]


As Allison and 82 step inside the House of Cockroaches, 82 receives no hospitality when a muscular, blue-skinned man implies that he should leave. 82 insists on entering anyway while Allison gazes over the precipice.

The hall of Hell 71 is a claustrophobic den packed with merchants and seedy activity. Light plays off the dull-orange walls from beyond a corridor while people gather around vendors scattered about the room. Atop a cushy throne the hulking, cat-like form of Praman Nand rests overlooking the assembly.

Before they descend, 82 warns that Allison should avoid making contracts or disclosing any names.[1]

Bonus Material

Welcome to Hell.[1]




  • The person standing next to Maya is The Third Sword, the heroine of Jake Wyatt's comic Necropolis.


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