KSBD 4:55
Ksbd 4-55

Chapter 4
Page No. 1
Release July 16, 2014[1]
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KSBD 4:55 is the first offering of chapter four of Kill Six Billion Demons and the fifty-sixth offering altogether.[1]

Synopsis Edit

Voya introduces herself while providing details about YIS and UN.[1]

Bonus material Edit

sstripped of meaning, like peelin g off a scab i became hollow,hollow, hollow, hollow, birds, birds, birds, birds

Secret text Edit

wow, such goddess, so birds[1]

Appearances Edit

Notes Edit

  • This is the first offering to provide in-depth information about YIS and UN; namely, what they govern and how they are associated with the inheritors.

Trivia Edit

  • YIS and UN look drastically different on this page, likely since they are not in their destroyer states.
  • The secret text is a reference to the "doge" series of memes.


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