KSBD 4:64
Ksbd 4-64

Chapter 4
Page No. 11
Release October 16, 2014[1]
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KSBD 4:64 is the eleventh offering of the fourth chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the sixty-seventh offering altogether.[1]


23 and 82 engage each other, but neither is able to land a single blow. As 82 resumes the Concordant Prayer, 23's fierce attacks carve up several nearby fighters. Suddenly, 82 completes the Prayer and the two disengage once more when he lands Empty Palm Vanquishes the Wicked.[1]

Bonus Material

From the cracked shell of the angelic concordance sprang a hot and putrid rose, and a thousand thousand wild burning seeds poured into the smoke of the corpse of the universe, and there spread with a terrible incandescence. But along with these wild embers came a greater power – the sleek and awful perfection of the Thorns.[1]

–Preem Payapop Pritrum, 5th Treatise on Aeons – What to Expect of the Pact

Secret Text

A splitting, a beginning. A horizon? Dark birds pour in cold rivulets there, shuddering, shuddering.[1]



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