KSBD 4:66
Ksbd 4-66

Chapter 4
Page No. 13
Release November 5, 2014[1]
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KSBD 4:66 is the thirteenth offering of the fourth chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the sixty-ninth offering altogether.[1]


The Battle of Hell 71 rages on. Dozens of prime angels, operated by the guilds, engage each other outside the building. Cio comments that Allison is not equipped to handle the dangers of this world and pushes her over the ledge after handing her business card.[1]

Bonus Material

Cio is an excellent mentor.[1]

Secret Text

Just wait until page 6-66[1]




  • The number 666, or "the number of the beast", is found in the eighteenth verse of Revelation 13:15-18. The most common theories associate this number with evil or the Roman emperor Nero.
    • However, it is unclear how the comic could ever reach the sixty-sixth page of chapter six, unless Abbadon chose to restart the page count at some point.


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