KSBD 4:67
Ksbd 4-67

Chapter 4
Page No. 14
Release November 5, 2014[1]
Previous KSBD 4:66
Next Aesma and the Three Masters, Part I

KSBD 4:67 is the fourteenth offering of the fourth chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the seventieth offering altogether.[1]


Allison falls, 82 and 23 continue their struggle, and Cio scoffs at her wish to see Zaid. When Allison realizes everything that has happened to her is real, she suddenly manages to invoke her Key of Kings by concentrating on what she wants.[1]

Bonus Material


Secret Text

I was going to title this page 'Let it go' but Disney has ruined that phrase forever. Thanks Disney. You are now picturing the KSBD version of that song. Manually.[1]




  • "Let it Go" is a song from Disney's animated film Frozen, which was released in late 2013.


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