KSBD 4:68
Ksbd 4-68

Chapter 4
Page No. 15
Release November 19, 2014[1]
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KSBD 4:68 is the eighteenth offering of the fourth chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the seventy-fourth offering altogether.[1]


Praman Nand ends the Battle of Hell 71 with an enormous ray of fire. A sizable number of fighters are vaporized instantly and Nand demands there be no combat in his domain. After cursing the assembly for allowing Allison to escape, Nand places a bounty on Allison starting at one-hundred times her weight in Black Glass.

Lo-Jenje raises the bounty to 110 times her weight, then Omun Vash to 230. As the bounty continues to rise, 23 comments that 82 should consider mercenary work as it inolves much less failure.[1]

Bonus Material

Only once was there a question which YISUN hesitated to answer. Strangely enough, it was asked by Aesma, the least wise of their companions. They trode a stony road together, and Aesma's feet grew hot and sore. She swore and spat, and clutched her feet, and asked YISUN a stupid question.

"Lord!" said she, in roiling frustration, "Before you said there is no such thing as Universal Truth!"

"It was so," said YISUN.

"Then what is all this! This foolery!" said Aesma, with an exaggerated sweep of her ashen arms, "Isn't creation itself, the entirety of your own grand work, a self-evident truth? The only self evident truth, in fact!"

"It is not so," said YISUN, stopping their pace.

"Then what is it?" wailed Aesma, starting to tantrum. This was the question that caused YISUN to hesitate. They meditated on it for a short time only, but Aesma was aghast with wonderment at the power of the question.

"My opinion," said YISUN, finally.

"Is it a correct opinion?" said Aesma, awestruck.

"I don't know," said YISUN.

—The Song of Maybe[1]

Secret Text

The Song of Maybe is continuously listened to, sung, and written by its keepers and has only undergone minor changes in the last few kalpas.[1]




  • The blue-skinned man held by Omun Vash's bodyguard is the same one who accosted him when he tried to kidnap Allison.


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