KSBD 4:70
Ksbd 4-70

Chapter 4
Page No. 17
Release December 3, 2014[1]
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KSBD 4:70 is the twentieth offering of the fourth chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the seventy-sixth offering altogether.[1]


Allison arrives in the void piloting her shade. She hears the voice of Zoss who is sitting beside her. When Zoss addresses Allison as "the Sovereign", she asks if she is dead. Zoss incorrectly refers to her as "Alice", but when Allison gently tries to correct him, she realizes it was he who got her involved with the world outside Earth.

Furthermore, she is surprised to see Zoss is still alive, despite having his head cut off. Zoss cryptically alludes to the Seven and pleads that Allison needs to eliminate them. Allison then asks who he is. As Zoss removes his helmet, he admits she has foreseen his death and urges her to kill six billion demons.[1]

Bonus Material

YISUN was questioned once by their disciples at their speaking house. The questions were the following:

'What is the ultimate reason for existence?'

To which YISUN replied, 'Self-deception.'

'How can a man live in perfect harmony?'

To which YISUN replied, 'Non-existence.'

'What is the ultimate result of all action?'

To which YISUN replied, 'Futility.'

'How best can we serve your will?'

To which YISUN replied, 'Kindly ignore my first three answers.'

—Spasm 8[1]

Secret Text

The last argument of kings.[1]



  • This offering confirms that Zoss is still alive and that it was he who appeared at the beginning of chapter one.
  • This offering marks the first appearance of the void.
  • This is the second time Allison is shown casting a shade; the first instance occurred when Zoss transported her to Throne in KSBD 1:9.


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