KSBD 4:75
Ksbd 4-75

Chapter 4
Page No. 22
Release January 21, 2015[1]
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KSBD 4:75 is the twenty-fourth offering of the fourth chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the eightieth offering altogether.[1]


Jagganoth casually tosses the Thorn Knight in his hand and demands answers. It appears Jagganoth managed to intercept the Thorn Knight raid on Allison's house, leading him to ask why Zaid was being transported through his territory.

Before the knight can speak, Gog-Agog adopts Jagganoth's tone and angrily accuses Solomon David of scheming against them. Solomon denies this and Gog-Agog suddenly shifts her disposition to match his. She then assumes the perpetrator must have been Incubus, but his first consort tentatively denies this claim as well. When Gog-Agog shapeshifts again to match Incubus' first consort, she begins to blame Mottom, prompting Mottom to blow up Gog-Agog's head with magic.[1]

Bonus Material

To train with the sword, first master sweeping. When you have mastered sweeping, you must master the way of drawing water. Once you have learned how to draw water, you must split wood. Once you have split wood, you must learn the arts of finding the fine herbs in the forest, the arts of writing, the arts of paper making, and poetry writing. You must become familiar with the awl and the pen in equal measure. When you have mastered all these things you must master building a house.

Once your house is built, you have no further need for a sword, since it is an ugly piece of metal and its adherents idiots.

Meti's Sword Manual[1]

Secret Text

Consider: there is no such thing as a sword.

Meti's Sword Manual[1]


  • This offering confirms that Allison and Zaid were attacked by Thorn Knights.
  • This offering confirms that the man floating on the table is Zaid.
  • Based on how Gog-Agog changes her outfit and physical form, this would make her the first person to demonstrate shapeshifting who is not a deity.



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