KSBD 5:85
Ksbd 5-85

Chapter 5
Page No. 6
Release April 8, 2015[1]
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KSBD 5:85 is the sixth offering of the fifth chapter of Kill Six Billion Demons and the ninetieth offering altogether.[1]


Marisa offers some words of encouragement. When Allison heads into her room, she takes some time to reflect. Then as she closes her eyes, the key ignites with energy.[1]

Bonus material

Dread those with the terrible star on their brow, for they are my kin. They trade in flesh, smoke, and star-knowledge. Their reins of power are made of coursing flame, and their chariot wheels trample the world in any direction they wish. When you see them you will know there are many ways to fill a man with death, and the walls of the world will feel thin to you indeed.

Au Vam, Pankrator of Vesh, ruler of the Yellow City

Alt text

The star-browed and sun-crowned, the moon-riders, the wielders of lightning[1]



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