Ksbd 3-46

A King's Door within Throne.

Ksbd 5-89-90

A line of King's Doors along the King's Road.

A King's Door is a gate to one of the 777,777 universes in the multiverse. They were built by the Demiurges (not the gods) and can be opened or closed with a Key of Kings.[1] Throne is full of them.[2] The King's Road runs between (possibly "impressions" of) each gate within the Void, a realm within which distances can be traveled through faster than normal.[3] There are two sets of King's Doors. The doors are built in both the Void and in Throne and line up. When one embarks on the King's Road through a door, it is usually guarded and one will need a writ with their embarkation/disembarkation points.[4]

Besides enhancing the wielder, each Key of Kings can permit or restrict access to a single universe.[1][5] The Seven today are varying degrees of powerful, but it is unknown whether any of them would be able to cut their way to a closed world, if they cared enough to do so.[6] It should be noted that Allison teleported out of a closed universe into the Void.[7]

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