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Debut KSBD 3:50[1]
Affiliation Hearth Stoker's Guild
Gender Male
Status Active

Krismayana is a member of the Hearth Stoker's Guild and one of the Pursuers.[2]


When 23 and Omun Vash attempt to kidnap Allison, Krismayana appears as a representative of the Hearth Stoker's Guild and refuses to let them pass.[1] 23 successfully evades him when Vash detonates the orb in his staff.[3]


Krismayana's skin is stonelike and deep red with gashes all over his body. The left side of his head has a sharp protrusion while his face and torso are decorated with bits of gold.

Like the rest of the Hearth Stokers, Krismayana appears to have a flame within his belly. He has a missing right arm and wears a simple yellow garment around his waist ornamented with bones.


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