Allison drinks blue devil liquor, a foul-tasting beverage.

Liquor is an alcoholic beverage served in the Wheel. It is typically made by creating a fruit or grain-based solution, however more exotic substances like devils can be used. The solution is then fermented, creating alcohol which is separated from its water content with heat. When the alcohol vapor cools, it creates liquor that can be consumed.


The history of liquor dates back thousands of years, as the gods are said to have enjoyed it when consumed with black bread.[1] Due to how easily one can create liquor, it is likely that liquor is drunk everywhere, as dozens of varieties exist on Earth alone.


Blue Devil

One variety of liquor comes from blue devils.[2] When drunk, it has a number of strange, but useful side effects including: causing the user to sprout horns,[3] generating a blue devil in the user's body,[4] and allowing the user to speak and understand Universal Metaconstant. Allison seems to dislike the taste.[5][4]

According to 82, the devil which grows inside the user needs to be consumed shortly after the liquor is drunk, to retain the effect.[4] After roughly three days, the user will expel the devil through the mouth, losing the ability to understand tongues unless the devil is then eaten.[6]


  • It would appear deities are not immune to the effects of alcoholic drinks, since Hansa is said to have been killed by Akaroth in a drunken rage.[1]


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