Debut "KSBD 3:50"[1]
Affiliation Third Infinitive Recursive Bank
Gender Male
Status Active

Lo-Jenje is a high-ranking member of Third Infinitive Recursive Bank.[1]


After 23 and his employer attempted to escape with Allison, Lo-Jenje appeared on behalf of the Third Infinitive Recursive Bank and laid claim to the key.[1] He disappeared during the guild war, but later reemerged and offered to pay 110 times Allison's weight in black glass to the person who could retrieve her.[2]


Lo-Jenje is rather small, thin, and purplish with a narrow snout like a crocodile. He possesses no visible eyes while his head is covered by a three-pronged crown and a dark-grey hooded robe.


It is unknown if Lo-Jenje has any combat abilities, as he prefers to be carried around by servants on an ornate, golden litter. He does appear to be quite influential though, wagering a hefty bounty on Allison's head.


  • Lo-Jenje is a fan submitted character who was adopted into the comic.[3]