Lucky Felicia was one of the ten daring thieves accompanying Allison who broke into Mammon's Fortress of Yre in search of Zaid. [1]

Until recently, she was presumed to be a casualty of a diabolical trap built into the Fortress.

Lucky Felicia made a surprise appearance upon the flying ship ( stolen from Mottom's palace ) as the surviving thieves sought to escape the breached Fortress of Yre and the tremendous battle developing between Mammon's insanely devoted "Priests of the Count" and the elite world pillaging invader armies of Mottom. [2]

Though wounded and maimed Felicia not only took revenge upon Oscar, but saved Cio and Nyave in the process. As further compensation for her mistreatment by Oscar and Cio she took all the remaining gold the thieves had looted from Mammon's Vault. Felicia was last seen on the outskirts of the Red City dragging away a sled covered in sacks of gold.

Description Edit

Lucky Felicia appears to be a human female with tan skin tone. At some point in her career she lost her left eye, as she wears a patch to cover the wound. Felicia's remaining eye is notably slanted at an angle. When she joined Allison's group of thieves, she was wearing a baggy one piece garment with a hood simulating cat ears. Felicia either has unruly hairs which appear to be cat whiskers, or has actual whiskers which protrude from the sides of her face and forehead. These whiskers accentuate her human cat hybrid appearance. Lucky Felicia wears armored shoes, gloves, and carries an array of thieves tools. Felicia is armed with a pistol.

[1] Lucky Felicia's First Appearance !

[2] The RETURN of Lucky Felicia !

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