Epithet The Grand Dragon

Scaled God of the Deep
Master of the Infinite Vault
Lord of Yre-Ynamon

Bearer of the word Tower[1]

Occupation Ruler of 111,111 Universes
Affiliation The Seven
Gender Unknown
Status Active

Mammon, also known as "The Grand Dragon",[2] is one of the Seven Lords of Infinity.[3]

History Edit

Mammon is of a servant[4] race called the Kind People. He was despised by his people because of his unnatural ambition. He eventually rose to mastery, got rid of empathy and emotion to only keep his ambition. He then proceeded to kill all his friends, family and his entire clan[5], alledgedly to protect his hoard.[6] He decorated his treasure fortress with reminders of this familicide[7], the pieces of silver with which he paid the murderers of his kin are serving as keys to his inner sanctum, and are at the same time revered by the Priests of the Count.[8]

Reputation Edit

He is called a Grand Dragon because servant races are inherently immortal[9] and he continued to grow further. Also, he is a hoarder, collecting things that have worth to him.[5] He has thus filled his inner sanctum in Yre with enough gold to bathe in[10], or at least just walk on top.[11]

He is said to have bought his key[6], and thus even devils call him a true monster[12], but also a "perfect being"[13].

Mammon controls the Bank of the Grand Dragon, which Mottom has commissioned to help maintain the splendor of the Palace of Radiance.[14] His enterprizes are possibly operating all over throne, as well as on his own worlds - for an example, the only railway that operates on throne is the Grand Dragon Bank Rail Company, circling Ashton.[15]

Decline Edit

As of late, he has grown elderly and infirm. His eyes, hearing, and memory are all failing.[11] He is committed to counting his wealth out of habit, rather than enjoyment. It's just so much. He also appears to have lost the ambition and ruthlessness that made him so powerful; in particular, he heavily regrets having killed his family. While he claims that he deserves death, he welcomes his would-be-slayers, apparently allowing them to stick their swords into his skin - but he is by now too big to be killed this way, anyways.[16]

Ynamon was not built to protect Mammon's riches, but to protect Mammon from his fellow Seven.[17]

Sad Mammon

Mammon regretful


  • Mammon is the primary antagonist of Book 3.
  • In the March 2016 Patreon hangout, ABBADON mentioned that if Pryan Sor had delivered the bones to Mammon, Mammon would have monotonously accepted them and moved on so long as the proper paperwork was included.