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Epithet The Grand Dragon

Scaled God of the Deep
Master of the Infinite Vault
Lord of Yre-Ynamon

Bearer of the word Tower[1]

Occupation Ruler of 111,111 Universes
Affiliation The Seven
Gender Unknown
Status Deceased

Mammon, also known as "The Grand Dragon",[2] is one of the Seven Lords of Infinity.[3]



Mammon is of a servant[4] race called the Kind People. He was despised by his people because of his unnatural ambition. He eventually rose to mastery, bought a Key of Kings, and got rid of empathy and emotion to only keep his ambition. He then proceeded to kill all his friends, family and his entire clan[5], allegedly to protect his hoard.[6] He decorated his treasure fortress with reminders of this familicide[7], the pieces of silver with which he paid the murderers of his kin are serving as keys to his inner sanctum, and are at the same time revered by the Priests of the Count.[8]

The Universal War[]

When the multiverse erupted into Universal War, Mammon emerged victorious, alongside the other 6 Lords of Infinity. Together they formed they forged the Pact of the 7 Part World. Through this agreement, each demiurge would be granted dominion over 111,111 universes, though not every world lies under their direct control.


As of late, he has grown elderly and infirm. His eyes, hearing, and memory are all failing.[9] He is committed to counting his wealth out of habit, rather than enjoyment. It's just so much. He also appears to have lost the ambition and ruthlessness that made him so powerful; in particular, he heavily regrets having killed his family. While he claims that he deserves death, he welcomes his would-be-slayers, apparently allowing them to stick their swords into his skin - but he is by now too big to be killed this way, anyways.[10]

Ynamon was not built to protect Mammon's riches, but to protect Mammon from his fellow Seven.[11]

Kill Six Billion Demons[]

Mammon does not attend the Concordance of the Demiurges, and instead one of his priests takes his place.

Wielder of Names[]

Mammon is revealed to be holding Zaid in his care, as the fortress of Yre is considered one of the most secure places in the Multiverse.[12]

Seeker of Thrones[]

Mammon serves as a primary antagonist of the book. The Thieves of Yre spend the majority of the book infiltrating his vast and sprawling fortress. The Fractal Fortress of Yre itself is infinite, containing many looping locations and regions. It is so ancient and large in fact that entire wings have been left to ruin. Much of the area is an incredibly dangerous dungeon while Mammon himself rests in the central hold of it, safe from all danger.

Mammon confronts Allison

Mammon is first seen as a towering creature conducting his Count, his tributary from his thousands of worlds and his main bank. He is watching over his priests when Allison briefly interrupts them, stopping his count.[13] He notices the smell of Allison as a visitor and peers down to get a better look at her, his eyes gray with cataracts. While he initially seems intimidating and questions that Allison was trying to steal from his vault, he merely exhales and tells her to apologize.[9] Allison, shocked, says that she is sorry, to which Mammon responds by saying "There! That wasn't so hard, was it? Now you must wait. I haven't finished counting it all." He looks out at his vast treasure hoard, telling Allison that it must have been important to him at some point and that, should Allison need anything, he owns many worlds and all she must do is ask.

Allison, in shock, sits down and cries. Mammon realizes that she was attempting to kill him.[10] He lays down on the ground, exposing his neck, and telling Allison to give it her best shot. His neck is horribly scarred, with many swords stuck inside of him, but he is simply too large, too strong, for any of that to affect him now. He reveals that many of his priests

Mammon on a stroll

were just like her and that they decided to stay in the vault with him, to help him. He eggs Allison on, telling her that he deserves it for his crimes, for slaying his own brothers, though he hardly remembers them now. His high priest, 01, comforts him and eases his pain. As Allison and 01 begin to speak, Mammon is unable to hear what they are saying, and is hushed by his priestess to rest.

Cio appears and attacks Allison and 01 plans to destroy her. This commotion stirs Mammon as he tells them to stop making such a ruckus. Upon closer inspection, he notices 01 has summoned her Axe of Judication, telling her to stop and that they never get any visitors anymore.[14] He also notices that Cio smells familiar, though he does not seem to actually remember her. Mammon suddenly remembers the Count and quickly shifts the conversation to go back to his work. He walks through the vault to begin the Count once more.[15]

Nadia attacks Yre

Mammon pauses to look up at the ceiling of the Vault. In horror, he witnesses the Palace of Radiance smashing into Yre.

Mammon berates Nadia for breaking into his tower. As she begins to fly towards him, demanding to know where Allison is. Only as she flies closer does he actually recognize her. She nearly attacks Mammon with her fire whips before 01 steps in and saves him. He tries to talk her down, remembering that they were friends once and that this is no way to act. Nadia, in her rage, says she will tear his tower down brick by brick if she has to.

Mammon reawakens his rage

Mammon guards himself in the siege, protected by his priests. The breach of the vault and subsequent fighting has destabilized Yre, causing it to tear open and completely sunder in a wave of bright red heat as lightning and gold spill from the tower. Mammon's eyes are burning as he reawakens his once lost will, the flames burning away his cataracts.

King of Swords[]

Some time has passed since the breach of his vault. While his bank had no standing army, his assets are still vast and her recruits mercenaries by the legion as he skirmishes with Nadia Om.[16]

Mammond attends the Concordance of the Demiurges

Mammon attends the Concordance of the Demiurges called by Solomon David. Unlike the other meeting in the Void, this one is at the actual Concordance of the Demiurges located at the center of Throne. He is still visibly angry as fire pours from his eyes and wounds. Nadia and him exchange insults and blasts of fire. While he still has the speech of an old man, he is much more active and aggressive now, having left Yre for the first time in centuries. As the demiurges talk, Mammon learns of the current situation regarding Zoss and his heir, having hoped that he would have disappeared for good.[17]

Solomon David announces that the Pact of the Seven Part World might be invoked soon against Jagganoth and Mammon appears to understand and agree.

Breaker of Infinities[]

Mammon appears at the beginning of the book alongside Nadia, shortly following Jaggnaoth's attack on Rayuba. He appears through golden lighting, using the art of Divison. He is seemingly distressed by the destruction. [18] He readies himself to fight alongside his fellow demiurges to defeat Jagganoth.[19]

As combat begins, Nadia prepares a spell and he rushes past her, knocking her down. He yells insults at Jagganoth before unleashing a swarm of stars from the sky.[20] (Abaddon joking refers to this as using the pokemon attack Draco Meteor). His meteors are swiftly dispatched by Jagganoth using his bow and arrows. After Jadis freezes the hail of arrows, Mammon sees Jagganoth preparing an attack and quickly runs out of the way.[7][21]

Nadia and Mammon ride into battle

As the battle progresses further, he and Nadia argue about who is dragging the demiurges down and is not carrying their weight. Watching Solomon David take Jagganoth head on, he falters for a moment and thinks to return to his vault. Nadia tells him no, asking if he is a peasant or a king.[22] Mammon allows Nadia to ride on him, using her fire lashes to guide the way as his mouth drips with molten gold and flame, which makes him incredibly excited.[23]

Mammon uses his breath attack against Jagganoth, nearly melting his helmet.[24] Mammon is impressed with Solomon's display of power, following up his assault. He flies near Jadis, who casts a spell for Nadia to wield. Using her magic, Nadia casts Binding of Immortal Souls, tossing the kusarigami construct to Solomon. As Jagganoth struggles against the chains, the force nearly knocks Mammon down from the sky.

Mammon gets punched

The impact of the binding turns the surrounding area to ash and Mammon rises from the dust.[25] With the binding complete, there is a moment before Jagganoth returns to his power. He and the other demiurges rise into the air on a platform from Aspected Chaos: The Fool. When Jagganoth is unleashed, he mantles his full power. Mammon tries to keep up, but is punched square in the chest by the colossus.[26]

Mammon means business

When Gog-Agog officially joins the fight, the demiurges rally their strength together for a final assault. He breathes fire across Jagganoth's arms as they all attack at once.[27] Shortly after, they are overwhelmed by an explosion of power. When the Fool uses a cubit spear to throw at Jagganoth, he joins in with the other demiurges. Though he is far to large to grasp it, he instead breathes fire at Jagganoth, forcing him to shield himself while Jadis and Mammon buy the others a moment.[28]

After the betrayal of Gog, Jagganoth unleashed his ultimate attack. Mammon's decapitated head is last seen being carried by Jagganoth as the triumphant demiurge descends upon Allison and Cio. Mammon's presumed death made him the first demiurge casualty in Jagganoth's universal war.

Mammon regretful


As one of the Seven, Mammon possesses tremendous cosmic power, though he is notably the weakest demiurge (mostly due to his prolonged inactivity and senile nature due to his age). Since nearly all intruders are likely to be dispatched by the many traps within the Vault of Yre or by his priests, Mammon has little need to engage directly in combat. Should an intruder bypass all of his security measures, his monstrous size makes him near-invulnerable to most forms of attack. As a servant, Mammon has a naturally endless lifespan.

The fractal treasure fortress of Yre itself is a testament to his power and influence. It is infinite, said to have oceans of gold and, in truth, gold makes up much of the very ground, being as common as dirt. The demiurges agreed to allow Mammon to protect Zaid, as it is considered the safest place in the multiverse before its sundering. Even before he obtained his legendary hoard he is said to have bought his key[6], and thus even devils call him a true monster[29], but also a "perfect being"[30].

Mammon also controls the Bank of the Grand Dragon, which Mottom has commissioned to help maintain the splendor of the Palace of Radiance.[31] His enterprises are possibly operating all over throne, as well as on his own worlds - for an example, the only railway that operates on throne is the Grand Dragon Bank Rail Company, circling Ashton.[32]

After the Vault's destruction, Mammon has regained some of his vitality - potentially from its invocation of his word Tower, which represents indestructible strength. He can mantle his demiurgic power to launch powerful fireballs, as well as draw meteors down from space.


“Know this! The great dragon paid three hundredweight in silver to rid himself of earthly ties.

But a burden a hundred times that did he cast off in blood.

Ia! Such is wisdom!:

-Dogma of the Priests of the Count Seeker of Thrones 7-87

“IA! IA! Behold the dragon!

His claws are the scything blade and all is chaff!”

–  Lament of the Priests of the Count Seeker of Thrones 8-91

“The God of the Deep has a heart like a great leaden weight. It drags him so low to the ground that the furrows of his passing become canyons. His servants are ten thousand and their faces will never gaze up on the sun. She Who Lights Up the Sky does not bless them. They are small and crawl around their God, and they make offerings at his feet and unto his graven image and the bones of his fathers. Their singing is said to be beautiful. They live upon their own fire and venerate the sorrows of their god. They guard the secret ways into the halls of YNAMON, called YRE by the uninitiated and lacerate their own flesh and fill the passages with their wailing.

Trespassers past the threshold of the holy land are punished with fire and blade.”

– Pre Narim Yiprik, Chronicle of the Seven[33]


  • Mammon is the primary antagonist of Book 3.
  • In the March 2016 Patreon hangout, ABBADON mentioned that if Pryan Sor had delivered the bones to Mammon, Mammon would have monotonously accepted them and moved on so long as the proper paperwork was included.
  • One possible inspiration for Mammon's tragic background is Fafner from Richard Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung cycle of operas. In Das Rheingold, Fafner murders his brother Fasolt over a cursed treasure hoard. Originally a giant, the curse of the treasure turned Fafner into a dragon.