Epithet The Destroyer
Transliteration Murder the Gods and Topple Their Thrones
Gender Female
Occupation Recluse
Noodle Vendor
General (former)
Debut KSBD 3:48[1]
Status Active

Mathangi "Maya" Mantra,[2] also known as Mathangi Ten Meti,[3] whose surname of "Mantra" means Murder the Gods and Topple Their Thrones,[4] is a member of the Mendicant Knights and a former general who conquered 20,000 worlds.[5][2] It is unclear why she no longer holds this position, but she currently resides in Throne as a drunkard and recluse.[5] "Ten" means something like "student of" and is not her surname.[6]

History Edit

Maya was first shown eating noodles in Hell 71. Allison believed she had found another human, but Maya was cryptic and merely quoted a phrase from the Song of Maybe.[4]

Later, when the war broke out, Maya would be seen again still enjoying her noodles. She then ordered the noodle vendor to take cover and without moving, obliterated every nearby fighter.[7]

Description Edit

Maya is a heavy set, dark-skinned individual. Unlike other residents of Throne, Maya appears indistinguishable from most humans and possesses thick, dark hair that falls over her face in an ornate white pin.

On her forehead she wears a red bindi (possibly a ley-stone), while her ears contain thick blue plugs. Her nose is also pierced, decorated by beads that hang around her face. Maya wears a long blue prayer necklace around her person and a gourd-shaped container rests at her rear.

Maya's outfit consists of several layers. At the base she wears a brown long-sleeved garment covered by a white and blue cloth that wraps around her front and waist. Over this set she wears the red greatcloak of the Mendicant Knights which hooks together at the front. Finally, this piece is covered by a yellow floral shawl with a series of tassels at the back.

Personality Edit

It is said that Maya is foul-mouthed and habitually drunk[2] and she appears to be quite temperamental. In her first encounter with Allison, Maya is dark and brooding, asking her what she thinks about death.

When she interacts with the noodle vendor, Maya is perfectly cheerful and praises his cooking. This joy is short-lived however, and her face suddenly becomes murderous on her way out.[7]

Her philosophies (theocidal proclivities) are largely a result of her contentious struggle with her master Meti[8].

Abilities Edit

As a former conqueror, Maya is especially fearsome, able to kill enemies seemingly without effort through a weapon called the Maybe Sword, which appears broken,[2] but nonetheless maintains a very long edge. She can cut angels in half with a single stroke of the Sword.[9]

Trivia Edit

  • The symbol on Maya's back (中) is the mark of the yet-unseen Middle Army.[10] The symbol is also seen on Incubus' throne.
  • Maya is the apprentice mentioned in Meti's Sword Manual. She served in the Middle army and enjoys eating. It has been confirmed by Abbadon on KSBD Tumblr[11].
  • Maya and Aesma share the same epithet, "the Destroyer".[12][13]
  • It is vaguely implied that a figure that looks like a slender version of Maya was part of the impetus for the Universal War.[14]
  • Incubus says of the last King of his realm: "she's a fat, washed up drunk". Combined with her symbol appearing in his throne room, this may be an implication that Maya was the one who held Incubus' key originally.