UN-Medam is a god of the Multiplicity. He is the chief of the law gods and rules law, justice and order.

Medam's staffEdit

"UN-Medam is the chief of the gods of law. He has a staff so heavy no man or god can lift it, except for Medam himself. Medam does not lift the staff, even though he could. It is a terrible thing, banded with iron and hewn from a twig of the Flaying Tree, a thousand miles long and weighing four hundred million tons. The mere presence of the staff is enough to make the most hardened demon quake. If Medam must call order in the court he merely lifts it a millimeter off the floor and lets it drop, letting forth a mighty shockwave that crumbles mountains, flattens buildings, and causes gods and their servants to topple off their feet for twenty miles around.

If one is to understand the law of the gods, you must understand this: Medam does not need to lift his staff."

– The Song of Maybe King of Swords 1-6

“During the last years of the Gods, when Un-Medam died, his mighty staff weighing four hundred million tons lay inert in the great House of Law. Demons and beggar gods crawled out from the stones of the red city and ran amok. Aesma was called upon to drag the staff up from its resting place and bring things back to order, but she had already torn herself apart in a rage. There was nothing to be done. Nobody could lift the staff.”

– The Song of Maybe King of Swords 1-10


  • Medam is not to be confused with Pedam, another god who wields a staff - however, Pedam is the god of wanderers and beggars, and his staff is a walking stick.


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