The Mendicant Knights are one of the four orders of Knights founded by the Demiurges.[1] A mendicant is someone (such as a member of a religious group) who lives by asking people for money or food, hence their nickname of "beggar knights."

They are described by the couplet "THE MENDICANT, the beggar knight, roughly clad and shod, He lives as though he were a beast, but fights he as a God."[1]

Beggar Knights are the strongest of the four orders, but their level of drunkenness causes this to vary.[2]

Prim once met an evil Mendicant Knight in Prim and the Mendicant Knight.[3]

Known MembersEdit


  • To the sky, To the other-side that is not sky, YISUN is the Universal Lord, Of nothing he was, And nothing he is now, What a paradox! We must constantly seek salvation and perfection through division. Seek heaven through violence. Praise YISUN![4]
  • If you should meet God on the Road... kill Him. - Proverb said by Maya[5]
  • "The power drawn from strength is mighty indeed. All men respect the sword. Greater still is the power drawn from ultimate weakness. When a man has nothing to cling to, he has taken the first step to becoming Royalty." - Words of Dyon, Knight Mendicant (est. third century post second-conquest)[6]