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The Multiplicity.

The Multiplicity refers to the gods, which are the 777,777 children of black YIS and white UN, the two halves of YISUN. After creating Throne and the four orders of Inheritors, they each faced a different direction and created one of the 777,777 universes, forming the spokes of the Wheel.[1] The gods are currently absent from the Multiverse as the Multiplicity self-annihilated by Division in the forging of the Wheel.[2]

Generally and officially it is accepted there are/were 388,888 White Gods and 388,889 Black Gods, one more than white, but fringe explanations for the unequal black-white balance include a hermaphrodite God, a gray God, and the bizarre notion of two half gods (and on this last one, nobody can agree on what 1/2 of a god would actually constitute).[3][4]

Daughters of Yis and Sons of Un[]


  • “The Gods are like pillars. When one falls, the world collapses like a flower in winter and all is turned to dust.” -Inscription, circe 253 SC, Yellow City KSBD Breaker of Infinities 3-82 - 3-83