Mysterious Stranger

Title(s) unknown
Classification unknown
Gender female
Occupation unknown
Family unknown
Religion unknown
Affiliates The Ultra Queen of the Universe (ally)
Residency unknown
Debut SoT 1:7
Status fictional

The mysterious stranger is a character in Cio's book.  As the book has been  described as "elaborately embellished"[1], it is unknown if the stranger is based on someone or is wholly fictional.


The stranger is said to be "indescribably beautiful"[2]. The stranger wears glasses, has pointed ears similar to many devils, and has two small horns similar to those seen on certain devil masks, albeit much shorter.


Little is known about the mysterious stranger's past. She claims to be tormented by a "horrible curse"[3] that prevents her from revealing her true identity or even saying her true name.

At some point, she encounters the future Ultra Queen of the Universe, possibly a fictionalized reference to the Rising King. Although the future Queen is initially wary of the stranger, the two negotiate some sort of agreement to help each other.


  • Upon reading Cio's book, Allison states that the stranger character seems familiar.
  • Based on appearance, the stranger might be a devil or an unspecified servant race. The stranger also looks somewhat human-like, with the exception of the ears and horns.


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