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Nadia Om[1] was a demiurge and one of the seven Lords of Infinity. She was also known as Mottom,[2] an abbreviation of Mother Om, as she is the wife of the late Hastet-Om.[3]



Many ages ago, Nadia Om was a young girl who grew up in a 'backwater world'. One day, the great demiurge Hastet-Om took her as his wife. She was chosen from among her six sisters, not for her skill in math, her love of cooking, nor her desire to be a priestess, but because she had beautiful blonde hair.[4] He took her away from her family and put her on a pedestal, treating her as a prize. She was abused for many years as she lived up to her title of 'Mother Om'. As she grew older, Hastet-Om took increasingly more mistresses. His tastes and appetites grew increasingly monstrous and grotesque. She knew she had to act quickly. She stabbed him in the eye, took his key of kings for herself, and buried him in the garden. She slept for 3 days. On the third day she heard her husband, pleading for more wives.[5]

The Universal War[]

When the multiverse erupted in Universal War, Nadia Om emerged victorious alongside the demiurges Jagganoth, Incubus, Gog-Agog, Mammon, Solomon David, and Jadis. Together they formed the organization currently known as the seven Lords of Infinity and forged the Pact of the Seven Part World. Through this agreement, each demiurge would be granted dominion over 111,111 universes, though not every world lies under their direct control.[6][7][8]

Kill Six Billion Demons[]

Mottom, ancient and cruel

Later, Mottom would be seen in the concordance of the demiurges. Of the Seven, only she, Gog-Agog, and Solomon David arrive while the rest of the lords send their representatives. Nadia chastises the representatives of Mammon and Incubus, calling them a "pencil pusher" and a "prostitute", respectively. She comments Jagganoth's absence was to be expected. When Gog-Agog and Solomon David speak out, she insults them too and hints she knows something about the whereabouts of Zoss, who is preparing to move against them.[9]

Wielder of Names[]

Nadia Om would become the primary antagonist of Wielder of Names. When Allison and Cio go the desolate world Mykos, the Palace of Radiance is seen floating overhead nearby. Cio claims the planet was deforested because Nadia liked the fruit that grew there. [10] Her occupation was in the process of taking resources from the land, most notably young women to act as her servants, though it would later be revealed that she uses some of them to feed her husband. Nyave was one of the women.

Nadia Om collecting her gifts

Nadia is in the process of collecting tribute[11] when King Priyan Sor of Aiman-Shan defies her, spilling out the bones of his people, dead from famine, as a final offering to her after. She feigns respect for him and his plights and decides to grant him mercy, turning him into a tree so that he "may tend to the hunger of others" eternally. In a fit of rage, the king's companion strikes at her, only for her to exhale and turn him into a shower of beautiful rose petals.[12]

Nadia is then officially introduced with her title card, revealing her titles and herself as the bearer of the word Glory.

Nadia Om turns young again

After her display of power, all in attendance bow, except for Allison, revealing her Key of Kings. Some time passes and she is having a private feast with Allison, tapping loudly from her palanquin as she waits for her to be properly dressed. While Allison sits visibly frightened, she tells her that her palace is kept up by her force of will alone and that it would be as simple as trimming a fingernail to kill her.[13] Before Allison can react, she leaps onto the table to try and scare her further, mulling over whether or not to kill her. She is curious as to how Allison came into possession of the Key of All Kings, realizing that she was right and that Zoss was searching for an heir. Allison tries to give her the key, but Nadia asserts that she doesn't want it, that she doesn't even want to touch that kind of power.[14]She reveals that after a thousand years of war, the demiurges split creation and created a balance of sorts. There was peace, for a time, but now there is Jagganoth, who she explains threatens that balance, should anything drive a wedge between the other demiurges. She lectures Allison on the nature of power and the position she has found herself in. Afterwards, she explains that they will go on a walk to see her husband and that she will make Allison an offer, but before that, she would have to tell her the conditions. At that moment, her servants appear with Nadia's blood peaches. She explains that the first condition is eternal life. Nadia eats the peaches hungrily, transforming her old and withered body into that of a young child, her old blackened skin falling away in the process.[15]

The late Hastet-Om

After a quick wardrobe change, she attends a ball with Allison and explains how divinity and power has become her prison, how the expectations of others binds one to their power and such a gift quickly becomes a curse. As women, her and Allison are expected to be beautiful and prizes to be won.[16] She begins to have a meltdown, that women are cursed to be queens and that she must feed her court of wolves eternally. Allison calls her out on her cowardice, but is interrupted by a servant telling Nadia that there are a number of unaccounted guests, the Persuers.[17] She then takes Allison to see her husband, telling her of how her husband became increasingly violent and monstrous, until finally she killed him and took his Key of Kings. Even after killing him, he still hungered for more wives. She pleads for Allison to take her place, to take her kingdom and all of her power, that the world is rotting and that she is rotting with it. Her court is growing hungrier and the fruit keeping her alive are working les and less. She is so ancient that the days pass by like water.[18]

Nadia Om cries and laughs as she faces her mortality

Allison slaps some sense into her, causing Nadia to reel and backlash. Moments later, after Allison destroys Hastet-Om, Nadia is shocked and begins to panic, knowing that she will die without it. She stares into the fire, as if in a trance, as a storm breaks out and the Pursuers wage combat.[19] She is snapped out of her daze as Allison and 82 White Chain try to escape the Palace of Radiance.[20] She becomes enraged, developing her atum halo, and conjuring a colossal plant from the baron surface of Mykos to uproot the palace and branch out of the ground.[21] With a single motion she sends White Chain flying and sends a series of vines through Allison's arms and legs, pulling her to the ground. She plans on destroying Allison, breaking her and turning her into the new queen. Cio arrives at just the right moment and before Mottom can command Cio to Perish using her sorcery, her mouth and body are covered with paper people, much to her annoyance. A moment passes and Nadia explodes the paper with fury, her skin, hair, and eyes now turning closer to her ancient self. She speaks an unknown word of power to bring a storm but falters and is called by Allison for stalling, knowing that she doesn't really want to kill Allison and be forced to take her key. She begins to sweat nervously and sends a swarm of lightning cloud hands to reach out and strike Allison, but in a moment, they vanish.

Nadia is left alone on her palace, aging rapidly and crying. She is last seen smiling, seemingly free from her fear of death.

Seeker of Thrones[]

Nadia attacking Yre in search of Allison

Nadia makes an explosive entrance to the book near it's end by sending the entire Palace of Radiance into Yre, breaking into the nigh impenetrable treasure vault.[22] She now wears her black mourning clothes and seems to have moved past need for her fruit, surviving on her newly reinvigorated spite and conquering personality. She demands that Mammon tell her where Allison is. She tries to attack Mammon with her fiery lashes, but is stopped by 01, Mammon's high priest. Nadia knew Allison would be here to find Zaid and she intends to get revenge and until she can find Allison, she will tear down Mammon's tower, brick by brick.[23] Nadia and her forces wage war against 01 and the Priests of the Count. The battle ends with the sundering of Yre.

King of Swords[]

A year has passed and Nadia further engages in a growing conflict with Mammon. She has started to take control back from her court, publicly executing several of her emissaries and nationalizing many of her guilds.[24] She is next seen at the Concordance of the Demiurges, summoned by Solomon David, where she can still be seen fighting and arguing with Mammon, as well as disrespecting Gog-Agog.[25] She speaks with the other demiurges on matters, most of all being Zaid and the growing threat of Jagganoth.

Breaker of Infinites[]

Nadia arrives on a scorched Rayuba

Nadia, along with Mammon and Incubus, appears on Rayuba following Jagganoth's attack.[26] She tells everyone that she knew this day would come and that no one believed her, proclaiming this to be the end of an era.

Nadia unleashes her Blood Flower Curse!

She tries to combat Jagganoth and tells Incubus to get out of her way, saying that only true sorcery will prevail.[27] She charges her attack when she is suddenly shoved by a fervent Mammon. As the battle continues and the battlefield is frozen over by Jadis, Nadia attempts to catch her breath and bide her time when Jagganoth lunges at her.[24] Solomon David saves her in the nick of time.[25]When Jagganoth reveals his Supreme Divine Art, Blood Draining Sword-Soul, she says that they are doomed, all because they wouldn't listen to her.[28] Mammon and her bicker. As Solomon stops Jagganoth's assault, Mammon becomes frieghtened and insists that he must flee, before Nadia snaps at him at him saying "No. Come on you miserable old worm! Are you a peasent? Or are you a king?"[29] (mimicking the words Zoss said to Allison before she destroyed Hastet-Om)[26]. She then, using her flaming lashes as reins, mounts Mammon and rides him into battle. Nadia organizes with Jadis and grabs hold of a Six Hells Trigram Jadis had casted.[27] By their powers combine, Nadia weaves the spell into a kusarigama and splits her form into 3 pieces: herself as a young girl, how she is now, and herself as a beautiful mature woman, allowing her to unleash the Blood Flower Curse, Binding of Immortal Souls.[30] Solomon David catches her weapon and binds it around Jagganoth, pinning him to the ground.

As the battle rages, Allison fuses with Cio and White Chain to form The Fool, Aspected Chaos. Nadia laughs hysterically at the sight, that this was the very same pissant that snuck into her palace. When the final showdown against Jaggnaoth begins, Nadia is the first to lend her power in The Fool's cubit spear. When Gog tells the demiurges to tell her that they need her, Nadia Om lashes out in anger toward her, that Gog will doom them all. Her reaction causes Gog to abandon her fellow demiurges, allowing Jagganoth to defeat them.

When the dust settles, Jagganoth approaches Nadia who is horribly wounded from his attack. She attempts, one last time, to use The Art and command Jagganoth to PERISH. He resists the effect and tells her to prepare herself. Her last words are "I hope you choke on it, you sad, broken little peasant. For me this is nothing but relief. While your suffering will continue forever." She is crushed by Jagganoth and her body incinerated in his grip, becoming the second demiurge casualty from Jagganoth.


Mottom as she first appeared.

When Mottom is first seen, she appears as a slender, young woman with golden hair, blue lipstick, and an open blouse. Her appearance has changed dramatically since the end of the war. She now wears elaborate orange vestments and an extremely wide-brimmed hat covered in tassels.

By the present, she has aged considerably. Her face is now hideous and mummified, with dark brown, wrinkled skin. The color of her eyes have also changed, going from blue to a deep gold.[9] Although, it appears that when holding her court, Nadia Om still looks young and fresh.[31]

After Allison destroys Hastet-om, Nadia is without her life granting peaches. With the newfound threat of death, she seems to have become invigorated somewhat and appears to no longer need them, sometimes appearing young or as her older, mummy-like state. She now wears black clothing, seemingly in mourning from the death of her late husband and the loss of her near eternal youth.

Queen Nadia Om holding court


Nadia was rather irritable and possesses a short temper, though other demiurges seem accustomed to this behavior. At all times she kept a hefty supply of the stockpiled Fruits of Hastet Om around her, sometimes in bowls on the heads of her servants. When her temper flared, she was shown making painful jabs at this food with a prong, much to the chagrin of her servants. Like all other demiurges, she is an exemplar of cruelty and has shown to be quite spiteful.

Her other defining characteristic is fear. She fears Jagganoth's immense power.[2] She fears the prophecy of the Rising King and her inability to escape from it.[32] She even fears her own vassal kingdoms, because if she ever stops conquering and pillaging to feed them, they will turn against her and destroy her.[33] Because of this fear, she wants desperately to give up her power and position among the demiurges, but she is ironically too afraid to do so.[34]


As one of the Seven, Nadia was extraordinarily powerful. She was able to fight the most powerful beings in existence to a stalemate.[8] The Palace of Radiance was held in the air and travelled the Void by her willpower alone. She was well-versed in the Art and uses both Red and White in combination to accomplish such feats as telling someone's head to explode, transforming a person into a tree, and another into a shower of petals. In battle, she often conjured a fiery whip from the tip of her scepter to engage enemies in melee combat. She has shown the ability to easily manipulate the world around her, having thrown White Chain with ease and commanding vines to impale Allison.

Mottom seems to maintain her immortality through harvesting and consuming a fruit that grows on a tree cultivated from the corpse of her husband, Hastet-Om. Eating the fruit causes a rapid, although temporary, reversal in age, turning both Alison and Mottom herself into young girls (Mottom having to eat a bowl full of the fruit while Alison only had to eat one) for several hours. Despite the fact that Hastet-Om was finally destroyed when Allison burned the tree down, Mottom's attendants have been seen carrying several baskets of fruit at the concordance of the demiurges; whether this is stockpiled fruit from Hastet-Om or a replacement strain is not yet known.


"Our lady’s quite a portly one,

But rarely does she eat.

She cracks apart the bones of God,

And sucks off all the meat."

Bard's rhyme

“Oh! The day was bright. A sound came upon the earth, and the Ardenwood itself bent and screamed, and the sky was rent with light. Such a tear it was, horizon to horizon, and from that fiery scar, a great heavenly host rode forth on steeds of smoke and ash. And at the head of that host was enthroned a bright queen, and her hair was like liquid gold, and star-fire was on her brow.

The great masters of this world drew up their spears and locked forearms in alliance. They rallied their armies to them, and girded themselves with battle lust. Ten times ten thousand men rode out to meet that host, all thick-armed soldiers from the seven great nations of this world. They rattled the earth with their passing, by God. I still remember the sound.

And all those ten times ten thousand men were rent into pieces and the pieces were tramped into the earth, and the soil was burned, and their bones were smashed to powder and fed to the soil. For that Queen was true Royalty, and not the pale and sluggish imitation of our former kings. Within her blazing tongue was the power of the holy Septagrammaton, and it’s name was the Glory.”

– Excerpt from Age of Fire, attributed to the sage-poet Avsa Galman. Said to be an early account of the conquering of his world by the god-queen Mother Om.Wielder of Names 3-49

“Yes, she is beautiful. Radiant, even. But make no mistake, our queen is star-kin. She is one of those hungry immortals that peel the flesh from the corpse of heaven, like the starving ghosts from our oldest and most terrifying stories. Our queen is not merciful. Our queen is our eternal slaver, and her whips are ten-thousand miles long.”

– The last king of Mykos[35]


  • Mottom has been drawn with an orange color scheme, offset with whites and black depending on her mood.
  • Mottom is titled as the "Blood Flower Imperiatrix of the Gates of Fire".[36] What those Gates of Fire are is unknown[37] - it might refer to the Magus Gates her armies open to further the Second Conquest, or to her empire as a whole. If it is her empire, then it includes the Palace of Radiance, Alím, Mykos, and Earth.