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Nyave Anyadis has Skills !

Nyave Anyadis (pronounced as Nee-Ave, so that it rhymes with bathe,[1] making it close to naive) of Mykos is a maiden that was meant to be one of the one hundred maidens sent to serve Mottom as a part of Mykos' Calling.[1] She ran away from this duty[1] and met Allison, who took her place, prompting her to declare Allison a hero.[2]


Nyave was born as a princess to the world of Mykos, a world under Mottom's rule. Although little is known about her life before, she was given an intense education in preparation of serving Mottom by the Silent Brothers. [3]

Wielder of Names[]

Nyave's first appearance

Nyave makes her first appearance on Mykos, having hid away instead of waiting in preparation to be inducted into Nadia Om's service, along with a number of other maidens. She notices the Key Allison wields and begs her to not report her to Mottom and that she ran away because she is scared and unsure she can complete her service.[4]

She and Allison talk for a while about Mottom and the demiurges, how Queen Nadia Om takes 100 maidens from each of her kingdoms she visits. Serving divinity is considered a great honor, but she ran away in fear since no one ever hears from the maidens ever again. Allison tells Nyave to give her her cloak. Nyave agrees and Allison takes her place among the maidens for her. Nyave looks down at the gathered maids and Allison, surprised by her courage, and calls her a hero.[2][5]

Nyave is next seen towards the end of the book on a flying ship alongside Cio and Princess as White Chain rescues Allison from the wrath of Mottom. When Allison wakes up, Nyave is alongside the rest of the team.

Seeker of Thrones[]

As Allison recovers in bed, Nyave tends to her wounds and reapplies her bandages. The party each speaks as to why they are still here and where their goals align. Nyave explains that she was to serve Nadia Om and saw the demiurges for what they really were. She can not return home, especially after her homeworld was stripped of resources. She asks for Allison to take her as a servant, to which Allison denies. She instead resolves to be her advisor, since she was trained by the Mykossian Silent Brothers since she was young in mathematics, medicine, and many other topics. As she explains, Princess interrupts to say that Nyave has also been flying the ship, making her bashful.[3] In the engine room, Nyave explains how the devil engine operates. Allison hires her and Nyave is glad.[6]

She was only trying to be nice!

Nyave is next seen in the Red City alongside the party, having gone shopping. She's very excited about her new clothes, but becomes worried seeing Allison walk around with her injuries still. She decides to take Allison shopping as well since she is apparently feeling so much better. She suggests that 82 White Chain try on a robe and that it would match her figure very well. White Chain reacts harshly, telling her that this body is merely a vessel of her true self and that by the Old Law she is forbidden from buying or selling. Nyave becomes nervous and tries to explain herself before she is cut off by Allison.[7]

Later, Nyave joins the other and eats noodles at a restaurant. When Cio calls Oscar, and White Chain confronts him, she is initially confused by what is going on. As the plan for infiltrating Yre is organized, Cio refers to Nyave as 'doe eyes' and explains that her and White Chain will be the getaway plan and that they are needed at the ship.

As Allison and the Thieves of Yre make their way into the fortress, Nyave and White Chain are waiting over tea. They are worried about Allison and White Chain thinks she should be there to protect the key. Nyave agrees and thinks it is strange to meet an angel after hearing so many stories of them as a child. White Chain says humanities dreams have caused suffering and that Nyave should abandon hers before they hurt someone, to which Nyave asks when White Chain had given up her dream. White Chain reacts harshly saying that angels do not dream, breath, sleep, or eat. Nyave means no offense, just that she is surprised by how human White Chain really is, even while she is trying to not be. She berates her further before their conversation is interrupted by a Petal Knight shaking down a businessman. As the two angels fight, White Chain becomes zealot and shows no mercy for the Petal Knight. Nyave stops her from destroying the other angel, standing between them and holding her hands up, forcing White Chain to look at what she has done and how she has scared the innocent bystanders.

King of Swords[]

Breaker of infinities[]


Nyave is a pretty, slim woman with dark brown skin, hazel eyes, and cloudy charcoal hair pulled back into a bun. She sometimes wears glasses and typically dresses in fashionable clothing, wearing jewelry and fine dresses

She has also shown to be quite comfortable with workmen's clothes, having workmen's overalls and goggles while operating a devil engine.


Nyave is a hopeful, practical, and intelligent woman, who possess many skills and aptitudes, but has been unable to fully utilize them given her lot in life. She is adamant to prove herself, insisting she acts as advisor to Allison and was very proud when she was hired.

Her experience with Mother Om has made her disillusioned with divinity. Meeting White Chain and Allison has further broken her enchantment with angels and god-kings, that everyone is merely a person and that the demiurges have no right to be doing what they are, a view she has become very adamant in, to the point of manifesting her atum.


Nyave is a widely talented individual, having been taught to serve as a personal assistant to Nadia Om herself. She was taught in mathematics, medicine, and many other topics. She has also shown proficiency in repairing and maintaining devil engines.[6]

Who knew Nyave could kick ass?

She has also displayed considerable athletic prowess by drop-kicking Oscar [8]


  • Nyave is the daughter of the King of Mykos. King of Swords 8-88 Where she stands in the line of succession is currently unknown.