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Un-Ogam, also known as Ogam-am[1], is a god of the Multiplicity. A boisterous and powerful deity, he rules war, violence and bloodshed. Despite his foolishness, he is a regular attendant of YISUN's speaking house and figures in several myths. Alongside Aesma and Hansa, Ogam is one of the most frequently-mentioned gods.


Ogam was born of YIS and UN with the rest of the Multiplicity.[2]

He attended YISUN's speaking house often, although mostly only to get drunk and brag about his victories. Once at the speaking house, he swore that any feat accomplished by his brothers he could redouble seven times again. Hansa, fed up with his drunken boasting interrupting his philosophical fugues, immediately saw an opportunity to deprive Ogam of his prized and well-boasted-about manhood for a fortnight, and challenged him to a contest of womanly love-making, sewing, and hearth sweeping, and for a time there was great mirth in the Red City.[3]

YISUN favored Ogam for his self-love and simple earnestness, and often engaged in riddles and teachings with him.[4][5]

Ogam features in the story "Prim Leaves her Father's House". Looking for a proper resting place for Hansa, Prim encounters Ogam doing battle with Sivran and asks them for advice. Both gods advise her to bury him on the battlefield as an honorable resting place, then return to their battle.[6]

Ogam is also known to have been a good friend and somewhat of a big brother figure of Aesma, presumably due to their equally boastful and violent nature.[7]

When Aesma seeks a husband in "Aesma and the Red-Eyed King", she visits him for advice on the matter and finds him locked in battle with twelve minor gods of justice. Ogam offers her one of his slaves as a husband, but Aesma wants someone who is her equal. Ogam is unable to suggest anyone who fits her criteria, and he's drawn back into the fighting before she can get an answer.[7]

Ogam suffered what is probably his only defeat when he tried to carry off Myra to be his bride, prompting her to headbutt him in the face and break his nose.[8]

Later years[]

When the Wheel was forged and the four orders of inheritors established, all the gods, including Ogam, were self-annihilated and removed from the current plane of existence.[9]