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  UN-Ovis, the Empty One[1] or The Glass God of Emptiness[2] is a god of the Multiplicity. She rules emptiness and void, as well as possibly time. 

The breath of Ovis was the original source of puresilver, from which vacus needles are manufactured.[2]

Ovis is cited as the founder of all martial arts. King of Swords 9-110.  


Ovis was present when Prim, bearing the corpse of her father Hansa , stopped at YISUN 's Speaking House to ask the deities gathered there as to just how she could placate her father in death. 

Ovis' reply is said to be: "“Make him a coffin of air, so the emptiness may pass through his bones,” said Ovis, fluctuating between five different time states."[3]

That Ovis is a god of Time is implied in her answer to Prim - where she moves through five states of time. That Ovis is a god of Space may be implied in her answer to Prim - as she makes reference to emptiness. 

Ovis is said to have taught the Empty Palms style of martial arts to the first angels, who then taught it to the first human, Metia.[4] 

Ovis also knew the Art of dividing oneself. Aesma spied upon Ovis and learned the Art of self-division while Ovis was bathing.[5]

Ovis devised the powerful martial art technique : Ovis' Palm. King of Swords 9-110


  • In Broken Worlds, Ovis is the patron deity of the Hunter character class.
  • Despite being a white god, Ovis appears to be female.[5] She may be an exception to the general rule of white gods being male and black gods being female, or it might simply be an inconsistency of Atru lore.