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“And there they sat, and basked a while, and though their hearts were gay and their spirits high, in their deepest place there crouched a cold and lingering terror, for they knew that the warmth of that light they enjoyed was not the nurturing light of a summer day, but the awful radiance of Glory.” -Unknown [1]

The Palace of Radiance is Mottom's spring palace, while Alim on Throne is her summer palace. It is floating because Mottom is holding it up by her own force of will (or so she claims)[2] and constantly delivered to by hundreds of flying airships that use devil-engines[3] or similar devices[4].

Mottom’s spring palace was rumored to be built on the ruins of the Palace of Resonance, which was home to the Master of Aesthetics.[5]

Means of Propaganda Edit

Nadia Om visits her kingdoms in the Palace,[6] granting her citizens the beautiful sight of her royalty: It is her showcase of the splendor and luxuries of her empire, and is meant to give hope to the poor and lowly.[7]

She receives a lot of supplicants in her Palace and it is always full of courtesans. Its immense wealth is maintained by the Guilds of Throne and even the Great Dragon Bank of Mammon.[7] However, this is only part of the truth, as Mottom's troops are suppressing the populace of her worlds, enforcing enormous tributes that lead to famine among her suffering subjects. Newly opened worlds are conquered with flying mercenaries, as was lamented by Pryan Sor.

The MaidensEdit

Mottom also takes a hundred of local maidens on each world to use them as servants[8]. The general populace is left unclear of the purpose for the so-called Calling:

"The girls? Nobody knows what she does with 'em. Has 'em scrub the floors most likely. The rotten, thrice-cursed vampire must have miles of 'em in her estate. Whatever she chooses to do, s' gotta be better than lying around in this blasted mud pit. Eh?
Yes, they took me daughter. Now sod off." -Unknown[9]

Mottom has a personal order of all-female clerk knights to maintain her palace. Ten of the girls from the one hundred offered each Calling have the opportunity to join the order.[10] The rest are fed to the Tree of Woe.[11]

History Edit

The palace was first depicted hovering in the Void on its way to Nyave's homeworld, Mykos.[12]

On Mykos, Allison infiltrated the Palace in Nyave's stead, was captured by Mottom and learned a few pieces of her history, past and secrets before she cut down the Tree of Woe[13] and fled the palace which was in turmoil during the War of the Teacups among the Pursuers[14]. Mottom failed to stop Allison fleeing on a stolen airship.[15]

The next appearance of the palace was a hundred strips later when it crashed into the Inner Sanctum of Yre.[16]


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