Payam was a deity of Law and/or Justice and foremost in YISUN's Speaking House.

He was the one to whom the chaotic goddess Aesma was brought for judgment after her Creation shaking misadventure recounted in the tale "Aesma and the Red Eyed King".

Aesma had sought to win the Red Eyed King as a husband, but instead he took advantage of her love struck lunacy and then spurned her. The Red Eyed King caused tremendous destruction while free and would have gone on to destroy all of Creation until Aesma struck him down in her furious rage. Aesma was responsible for setting the Red Eyed King free, yet she also broke his power and defeated him, enabling the gods of Justice and Law to imprison the Demon once again in the Crucible of Punishment.

Due to her misadventures in seeking out the Red Eyed King, Aesma experienced both the feeling of love and suffered a broken heart in the process. She was somewhat humbled by the experience.

Payam was merciful towards Aesma. For her misdeeds, Payam sentenced the goddess to one hundred days as a scullery maid.

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